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Caravan accessories at AL-KO: Everything for a good journey

AL-KO caravan equipment for safe driving and stress-free parking

A caravan journey is only really comfortable with the right equipment. With AL-KO caravan accessories you increase the safety of the vehicle combination, protect the caravan from break-ins and facilitate manoeuvring and parking. With our innovative chassis technology, we ensure that your caravan drives well and comfortably on an AL-KO-Chassis and that you reach your destination stress-free and safely. During the journey AL-KO components give you maximum safety.

AL-KO chassis technology

At AL-KO you’ll also find high-quality spare parts for your caravan, e.g. shock absorbers to match the chassis and self-adjusting brakes. In its chassis technology AL-KO offers a lightweight chassis, new rubber suspensions and robust axle systems for safe driving.

Increased driving safety with your caravan

Greater speeds, side winds or bad road surfaces are not always easy to handle with a caravan and vehicle combination. So that your caravan can be stabilised again even in extreme emergency situations, you should equip your caravan with an ATC. The anti-skid trailer control system (ATC) fitted with sensors keeps the trailer on track even in critical situations. It automatically detects dangerous situations and corrects them. In many situations it is no longer necessary for the driver to intervene.

Protection from pilferers thanks to AL-KO anti-theft protection

At AL-KO you can get caravan accessories for securing luggage and caravans so that you can leave your caravan unattended with peace of mind. A stable safe that can be bolted into the caravan protects your valuables while you are away. Although it is very compact it offers enough space for purses, a smartphone and paperwork. With safety locks for hitches and corner steadies you prevent accessories being stolen from the caravan or the caravan being moved by strangers.

Effortless manoeuvring with AL-KO

Manoeuvring is easier with the right caravan equipment: With a manoeuvring handle the uncoupled caravan is noticeably easier to move by hand. Electronic manoeuvring aids make even make physical work superfluous. You remotely instruct the system to drive into a tight parking space or garage - without human helpers. Even gradients up to a certain degree are not a problem. Many caravans can be retrofitted with this accessory. So that the manoeuvring system also works optimally even in unfavourable ground conditions, you still need the right jockey wheel for your caravan. At AL-KO you’ll find a range of jockey wheel models with which you can manoeuvre optimally on both soft and hard ground. Extras such as an integrated wheel load indicator facilitate everyday life with the caravan.

Secure parking thanks to AL-KO caravan equipment

Once you have found your parking space for the night or next few days, corner steadies ensure you have a firm footing. At AL-KO you’ll find different versions with more or less load capacity. The particularly wide foot on some models offers secure standing, even on soft ground, thanks to its large contact surface. Moreover, you can get more accessories for the standing caravan at AL-KO. Weather protection safeguards the sensitive hitch from rain and dirt. With a spare wheel carrier the emergency wheel can be attached to the underside of the caravan, to save storage space. With a special jack for caravans you can safely lift the trailer when you want to change the tyres. Thanks to the sophisticated plug-in system the jack does not slip and you can work safely.

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