AAA Premium Brake

Perfectly working brakes are paramount to the safety of a vehicle. The shorter the braking distance, the lower the risk of an accident. A couple of centimetres can make all the difference where the braking distance is concerned and may result in a rear-end collision in a risk situation. In order to guarantee that your brakes work perfectly, these must be precisely adjusted. Your brakes may gradually have excess play as a result of use and wear. The AL-KO AAA automatic brake adjustment prevents this from occurring. The Automatic Adjustment System always steps in when the brakes have too much play and readjusts them. The wheel brake works as usual and is only extended by the adjustment function. This allows you to decrease braking distance and increase driving safety. The wheel brake continues to work in a reliable manner: The robust system remains unchanged up to the adjustment function. 

The Automatic Adjustment System can be retrofitted to wheel brakes 2051 and 2361 (from 1999 onwards). The AAA Premium Brake can also be retrofitted for any other axle with a bolted brake back plate.
Our tip: Change over to the AAA Premium Brake the next time you change your brake pads, if not before!

The self-adjusting Premium brake

The proven wheel brake with its far above-average braking values is supplemented by the automatic adjustment function. Suitable for wheel brake types 2051 and 2361 (from 1999 year of construction), and therefore for most caravans with AL-KO axles. Adjustment is disabled when reversing. The changeover is quick and easy.

Your benefits:

  • Greater driving safety: due to a shorter braking distance
  • Greater driving comfort: through smooth braking without jolting when setting off
  • Low maintenance costs: due to extended service intervals
  • No renewed presentation to TÜV required following installation
Article number Type Single-axle weight Two-axle weight
1730026 Single axle / tandem axle 1500 kg 2800 kg
1730298 Single axle / tandem axle 2000 kg 3500 kg

AAA Premium Brake

For wheel brakes with bolted standard brake back plate from 1999.


No. The AAA is not self-cleaning and not maintenance-free. The maintenance intervals according to the operating instructions must be observed.
For standard applications the following operating and assembly instructions apply. For special applications please contact your vehicle manufacturer, specialist dealer or our AL-KO customer service.
Yes. With several hundred thousand units on the market to date the success of this equipment is tried and tested.
Yes, all AL-KO axles from production date 1999 with the brake back plate bolted over the wheel brake assembly (brake back plate with jaws) can be retrofitted. It is not necessary to note the modification in the vehicle documents as the brake is type-approved.
If there is a correspondingly large clearance between brake pad and brake drum (gap). This clearance increases as the brake pad wear and the overrun travel of the overrun device increases. Under these conditions the clearance in the brake is readjusted by the AAA automatic brake adjustment mechanism under hard braking.
AL-KO endorses the efforts of the trade associations to make this compulsory for new vehicles in classes O1 (up to 750 kg) and O2 (750 kg up to 3,500 kg).
No. The AAA is not self-cleaning and not maintenance-free. The maintenance intervals according to the operating instructions must be observed.