Perfectly tailored to the AL-KO chassis

Changing a wheel or other repair work to the chassis needs the use of a jack. The AL-KO jack is specially designed for AL-KO chassis. They have a fitted vehicle jack mounting so that the force on the chassis is optimally distributed. A well-thought-out plug-in system prevents the jack from slipping while changing a tyre. Using the AL-KO jack prevents damage being caused to the structure of your AL-KO chassis. Mechanical jacks are suitable for trailers with a gross weight of up to 2,000 kg, hydraulic models can bear a weight of up to 3,000 kg. However, the jack is not suitable for supporting the caravan when parked.

Your benefits:

  • From the manufacturer of the chassis = The perfect solution, an AL-KO product for the AL-KO Chassis
  • Clever plug-in system: Increased safety for people and materials: preventing the jack from slipping
  • Wide selection: Load capacity up to 1,000 kg (mech.) / 1,500kg (hydr.)
  • Suitable for trailers up to 2,000 kg (mech.) / 3,000 kg (hydr.)
  • Can be retrofitted on caravans from model year 1980
Article number Final height Lifting height Initial height Stationary load capacity Weight
1222530 375 mm 290 mm 85 mm 1000 kg 5.5 kg
246059 375 mm 290 mm 85 mm 800 kg 4.5


The jack is not suitable for supporting the caravan when parked.


No. Due to varying force transmission and different chassis designs, this version can only be installed on a tandem axle caravan.
The final height is 375 mm.
Yes. The jack is available in two versions, with the smaller version only weighing almost 3 kg yet having a static load capacity of 800 kg per wheel. Sufficient to lift a trailer with a gross weight of up to 1600 kg.
No: Only the original AL-KO jack is specifically designed for this purpose and has perfectly adapted recesses that safely transfer the forces into the chassis, thereby preventing damage to the body. The special shape also prevents the jack from slipping, which can easily happen with standard jacks.
No. Only the AL-KO chassis is designed for installation purposes. From year of manufacture 1991 onwards, most chassis were already equipped with the corresponding mounting holes. In older chassis from 1980 it is also possible to have these installed. Please contact your local AL-KO service centre or your dealer.