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Anti-theft device: optimum protection for your caravan

Combined anti-theft protection: only the best will do for your caravan

There is no one hundred percent protection against the theft of a caravan. But an effective anti-theft device for caravans acts as a deterrent to opportunist vehicle thieves. As the more time is involved in stealing a caravan, the more likely the thieves are to abandon their plans. We recommend several protective measures to make it increasingly difficult for thieves to access your property. Drivers who fit their caravans with more than one anti-theft device will certainly be on the safe side. We provide the very components to do so.

Safety locks for caravans as an anti-theft device

AL-KO safety locks make it trickier for thieves to uncouple the caravan. The device can be mounted rather easily. The safety lock does not need to be removed prior to driving. Our safety locks are the ideal anti-theft device for any caravan. Our three security levels: Compact, Plus and Premium meet a wide range of security needs. The AL-KO Safety anti-theft device has also been specially designed for the AK 161 / 270; allowing caravan owners to travel in line with their security needs. What’s more, AL-KO safety locks also feature an attractive design. They form an attractive unit with the hitch and are difficult to spot.

Increased anti-theft protection for your caravan with the Safety Ball.

Increased anti-theft protection for your caravan when it is parked for longer durations can be provided using a different approach. The Safety Ball supplements the AL-KO anti-theft device on the towbar. When the caravan is unhitched, the Safety Ball covers the coupling head opening. This prevents the ball head from engaging there and unauthorised hitching.

Safety locks for corner steadies as an ideal anti-theft device for when the caravan is parked for longer durations

​The risk of the caravan being stolen if not moved for longer periods is particularly high. Thieves may notice that the vehicle is not currently in use and cease the low-risk opportunity. This is a frequent occurrence when caravans are put into winter storage. With this in mind, you should fit a special anti-theft device for caravans from AL-KO: corner steadies. Corner steadies are easy to use, 2-part, mechanical immobilisers. They prevent thieves from cranking up the steady legs. This enables the best possible anti-theft protection for your caravan when it is stationary. For this purpose, the supports are removed and + Safety protection is fitted in their place.

Safe as an anti-theft device inside the caravan

​It is not only the caravan that the thieves have their eyes on, but your prized possessions inside also need to be effectively protected. This is provided by a safe from AL-KO. The solid steel walls offer optimum anti-theft protection inside your caravan. Your valuables such as passports, jewellery and money are securely locked behind a door fitted with a double-bit key safety lock. The safe is securely anchored with a mounting plate below the vehicle chassis. This therefore prevents thieves from stealing the entire safe.