Vehicle Technology

Caravan technology from AL-KO: maximum driving comfort

Safe on the move in a caravan with AL-KO chassis technology

​Anyone travelling with a caravan wants to be able to rely on the fact that their vehicle is completely safe. With caravan technology from AL-KO, driving stability, comfort and safety are guaranteed. Caravan technology from AL-KO is built robustly and is fit for purpose, it consists of resistant material and ensures maximum driving pleasure.

Lightweight chassis Vario X: Light and stable

Inspired by nature the new-generation chassis Vario X came into being. The innovative construction saves up to 30 per cent in weight on the lightweight chassis without negatively affecting important features such as stability. This also creates more possibilities in terms of payload, whether in luggage or equipment. Another feature that distinguishes it from previous AL-KO lightweight chassis is the attractive bionic design of the Vario X, which is still as highly resilient as its predecessors. The advantages of the new lightweight chassis Vario X are clearly defined: light, bionic, stable, environmentally friendly and economical.

Lightweight chassis system: Less weight from AL-KO for maximum driving comfort

Low weight and sophisticated technology are features of the caravan frames from AL-KO. With the lightweight chassis system you arrive at your destination safely and comfortably. The steel chassis with proven AL-KO caravan technology is comparatively light, thanks to the holes for reducing weight, but is safe when cornering — even in side or bridge winds. The Delta semi-trailing arm axle takes care of that. It evens out the smallest of bumps, works against centrifugal force and ensures maximum driving stability. The hexagonal rubber suspension installed in the chassis ensures greater smoothness on the road to your holiday.

Hexagonal rubber suspension: AL-KO chassis technology for gentle suspension

When travelling with the caravan or transporting valuable items, nothing should break. However, good chassis suspension is important. The hexagonal rubber suspension from AL-KO ensures more driving comfort thanks to greater suspension travel and smoother suspension. The independent wheel suspension is responsible for this. It causes each wheel to bounce independently. In doing so the caravan technology absorbs each bump in the road and items in the caravan remain undamaged.

Euro Delta semi-trailing arm axle: Caravan technology for ultimate driving stability

A trip to the mountains with the caravan is a very special experience. For a safer journey the chassis should be safe when cornering and effectively absorb rolling movements. This is the only way to maintain traction on the ground. The AL-KO Delta semi-trailing arm axle ensures safety on winding roads through toe-in adjustment. It ensures stable driving pleasure when overtaking, in side and bridge winds and driving on winding roads. During such journeys the load is mainly on the wheel on the outside of the bend. The semi-trailing arm axle with AL-KO caravan technology diverts the effective force to the axle stub of the wheel. The toe-in and negative camber increase so that the wheel counteracts the centrifugal force. So the vehicle sits stably on bends.

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