Lightweight chassis system

The chassis is crucial for optimum driving comfort and a high level of driving safety with a caravan. With innovative solutions, AL-KO ensures that your caravan drives well and comfortably on an AL-KO chassis and that you reach your destination safely and stress-free.

Your caravan chassis does not bear the load

The AL-KO lightweight chassis system proves impressive with innovative technology, which enables you to drive your caravan safely and comfortably. In addition to technically sophisticated components such as the axle and suspension, the material of the chassis also plays an important role. AL-KO relies on low weight with maximum comfort. Thanks to its special design, a chassis of this kind is a real lightweight. This is due to the holes for reducing weight in the chassis, which do not however negatively affect the stability of frames and caravans. Our caravan chassis are made of high-strength steel and are therefore particularly sturdy. They are however lightweight but this does not adversely affect the payload of your caravan.

Innovative semi-trailing arm axle for driving in safe hands

​The AL-KO chassis for caravans includes a Delta semi-trailing arm axle, which guarantees safety when cornering, overtaking as well as in side and tail wind. Its structure enables the axle to also compensate for oscillating movements of the caravan. The axle works against centrifugal force. It is located on an incline and the individual wheels are mounted on arms. The wheels therefore move around the axle during suspension compression and rebound. The force acting on the wheel on the outside of the corner is transmitted via the swing arm onto the axle stub of the wheel with the effect that it increases its toe-in and negative camber of the wheel. The wheel braces itself against the centrifugal force, thus supporting the caravan on the inside. Put your trust in a caravan chassis from AL-KO from the offset with the tried and tested semi-trailing arm axle for optimum driving stability.

Hexagonal rubber suspension as standard on AL-KO chassis for caravans

The hexagonal rubber suspension is also available as standard on AL-KO chassis. It can also not be retrofitted - so all the more reason to opt for quality from day one. The special suspension ensures optimum driving response of the caravan, with long suspension travel increasing driving comfort. The suspension of the caravan chassis offers excellent shock absorption. The suspension thus settles down quickly and increases driving safety. Similarly to the semi-trailing arm axle, the rubber suspension is durable, robust and maintenance-free.

Extending the chassis with suitable accessories

AL-KO accessory parts are perfectly tailored to AL-KO chassis for caravans. Electronic and mechanical support systems can be simply mounted, ensuring that the parked caravan has a stable and level footing on any ground. Even remote controlled manoeuvring aids from AL-KO, such as MAMMUT or RANGER, which work optimally with the chassis. The chassis can of course be retrofitted with safety components, such as the AL-KO Trailer Control (ATC) anti-snaking system.

Your benefits:

  • Innovative components such as the axle and suspension
  • Lightweight - thanks to its special design, a chassis of this kind is a real lightweight.
  • Delta semi-trailing arm axle for more safety and driving stability when cornering, overtaking, in side and bridge winds and compensating lateral movements
  • Standard hexagonal rubber suspension ensures optimum driving response
  • Perfectly tailored to the AL-KO chassis AL-KO accessories for retrofitting

Lightweight chassis system

High driving stability and comfort