Stabiliser coupling AKS™ 3004

The AKS™ 3004 is the first ever stabiliser coupling with 4 friction pads and Europe's No. 1 for driving stability and lane handling.

The AL-KO AKS™ 3004 comes in an multi-award-winning design with improved ergonomics. Snaking and pitching movements are noticeably reduced from the start. The unique stabiliser coupling with four friction pads ensures safe and relaxed travel for trailers with a gross weight of up to 3,000 kilograms.

Anyone who regularly travels with a trailer or caravan knows the problem: from one second to the next it can start to sway. This creates a dangerous situation in which the vehicle combination can quickly take on a life of its own and break loose. The AKS™ 3004 stabiliser coupling from AL-KO provides a helping hand here. Also known as a “stabiliser”, this stabiliser coupling for caravans is mounted on the caravan’s drawbar instead of the coupling head. The caravan is then attached to the hitch of the towing vehicle. You can easily replace it yourself. 

You can feel a significant reduction in snaking movements once the stabiliser coupling is on the towing vehicle/caravan combination, and driving is smoother. Combine it with the AL-KO anti-snaking system, the AL-KO shock absorbers and the AAA Premium Brake to stay particularly safe on any road.

Our tip: To protect the AKS™, we recommend weather-resistant, breathable and colourfast weather protection.

The benefits of the AKS™ 3004 at a glance

  • Safety
  • Multiple test winner
  • 4 friction pads reduce snaking and pitching movements.
  • Increases the critical driving speed (observe the speed limit!)
  • The caravan can be restored to stability faster in an emergency.
  • Housing for AL-KO Safety anti-theft protection
  • Complies with ISO 11555-1 (100 km/h approval possible)
  • The safety indicator indicates whether the AKS™ is fitted properly on the ball.
  • No complicated additional securing devices

AKS™ 3004 functionality

  • Activating the stabilisation handle presses two friction pads against the car's tow ball from the left or right.
  • The hitch handle and stabilisation handle are separate and can both be operated with one hand.
  • Constant monitoring of friction pads and hitch mechanism by wear indicator
  • Simple friction pad change
  • Locking receiver for AL-KO safety hoods
  • Integrated soft dock

Unique stabiliser coupling design

  • Multi-award-winning design 
  • Ergonomically flat handle
  • UV-resistant black plastic cladding

Our tip for choosing the right AKS™

  • Horizontal hole: for AL-KO overrun devices.
  • Transverse hole: for other overrun devices.
  • Safety three-pack: AKS™ 3004 + Safety Compact + Safety-Ball up to 3,000 kg
Article number Weight Max. vehicle weight Borehole Type Drill hole connection A variant.Max. stationary nose load (in kg)
1225158 4.2 kg 3000 kg horizontal + cross AKS 3004 horizontal 35+50 / cross 45+50 150 kg
1225155 5.4 kg 3000 kg horizontal + cross Safety three-pack horizontal 35+50 / cross 45+50 150 kg

Stabiliser coupling AKS™ 3004


The AKS™ 3004 is not faulty and can still be used without problem. To reduce the noise, please contact your specialist retailer, who will gladly help you!
The AKS™ 3004 fits almost all caravan models. Please check the dimensions shown in the diagram in the technical data! Permitted gross weight: 3,000 kilogrammes.
In some vehicles the towbar is coated with protective paint when new. Please remove the protective paint from the towball (e.g. with emery cloth + brake cleaner) before attaching the AKS™ for the first time!
No. The friction pads are made of a special material that cannot be cleaned. In this case, please replace the pads.
The AKS™ 3004 can be easily reused on your next caravan. Please note the permitted gross weight of 3,000 kg!

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