Manoeuvring handle

Move uncoupled trailers with ease with manoeuvring handles. The manoeuvring handle also prevents loss of the jockey wheel when driving if a locking bar has not been tightened properly. To do this, the manoeuvring handle is attached to the outside tube of the jockey wheel. It is easily attached with four screws. The manoeuvring handle can be attached to any jockey wheel with an outside tube diameter of 48 mm.

Your benefits:

  • Prevents the jockey wheel slipping while driving and secures against loss
  • Simple fitting on the outer tube of the jockey wheel with four screws 

Manoeuvring handle

For all jockey wheels with an outside tube diameter of 48 mm


The handle can be removed and re-attached at any time thanks to the screw assembly.
The handle only weighs 200 grammes.
The manoeuvring handle can easily be retrofitted to any jockey wheel with an outer diameter of 48 mm. Most caravan jockey wheels have this diameter.