Euro Delta semi-trailing arm axle

When cornering or during rolling movement, the wheel on the outside of the curve is always subjected to a higher load due to the centrifugal force. The wheel on the inside of the curve tends to lift off the road surface.
The solution: The AL‑KO Delta semi-trailing arm axle acts counter to centrifugal force.

The individual wheels mounted on arms (swing arms) move around the axle located at an angle in space during suspension compression and rebound. The force acting on the wheel on the outside of the corner is transmitted via the swing arm onto the axle stub of the wheel with the effect that it increases its toe-in and negative camber. The wheel braces itself against the centrifugal force, thus supporting the vehicle on the inside. 

What's more: More than 70% of all caravans rely on AL-KO quality– and for good reason!

Your benefits:

  • Maximum safety:
    when cornering
    during roll movements
    when overtaking
    with side wind and
    tail wind
  • Maintenance-free due to lifetime lubrication
  • Very good shock absorption: the suspension settles down quickly and thus increases driving safety
  • As standard for nearly all caravans with an AL-KO chassis – cannot be retrofitted
  • More driving comfort and increased driving safety for car trailers
  • Each wheel has independent wheel suspension

Euro Delta semi-trailing arm axle


The AL-KO hexagonal outer tube in conjunction with the triangular inner tube achieves the greatest suspension travel compared to any other rubber suspension axle. Our suspension procedure does not squash the rubber; instead, we give it room to work (flex).
No. The Euro Delta semi-trailing arm axle comes fitted as standard in nearly all caravans with an AL-KO chassis. Retrofitting is not possible.
The special AL‑KO hexagonal rubber suspension system also enables us to design the suspension softer than other rubber suspension systems. The yardstick here is set by the spring softness of the automotive industry which we get closer to than any other rubber suspension systems (source: test by Ravensburg University).
It ensures more driving safety and increased driving comfort for caravans and car trailers. The axle was developed for the safe and gentle transport of even sensitive goods such as furniture, electronic parts or hazardous materials. In addition, it also enables the stress-free transport of animals in the car trailer.
The suspension is maintenance-free and eliminates service and maintenance costs for the user.