Spare wheel carrier

Weight-optimised AL-KO spare wheel carrier

One careless manoeuvre when driving and it happens: the tyre of the caravan is defective and must be changed. So a spare wheel should be on board for every excursion with the caravan. 

With the weight-optimised AL-KO spare wheel carrier, you always have the substitute on board. By placing the spare wheel under the trailer, such as in the front locker, you save storage space. In addition, the holder lowers the centre of gravity of the chassis and thus improves the driving response. The spare wheel can be accessed on the side facing away from the street. This minimises the risk of accidents significantly.

Your benefits:

  • Space-saving storage for the spare wheel
  • Low weight
  • Optimum mounting: directly behind the axle
  • Lower centre of gravity and improved driving response
  • Can be retrofitted to caravans with AL-KO chassis from 1985 model year onwards 
  • No TÜV certification or approval required
Article number Weight Type variant.Frame gap
1555934 6.4 kg EH1 - A 1050 - 1250 mm
1555943 6.8 kg EH1 - B 1250 - 1550 mm
1555955 7.7 kg EH1 - C 1450 - 1850 mm
1556005 6.8 kg EH1/BR - D 1265 - 1515 mm
1556010 7.7 kg EH1/BR - E 1465 - 1815 mm
294284 1.85 kg Retrofit accessory kit EH2 -

Spare wheel carrier

Easy retrofitting on caravans with AL-KO chassis from model year 1985


Yes. Easy retrofitting on caravans with AL-KO chassis from model year 1985.
The relevant table can be found in the brochure under the technical data section. Of course, your retailer will be glad to assist you with selection and installation.