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Manoeuvre with AL-KO caravan accessories

Move your caravan precisely with the AL-KO manoeuvring system

Manoeuvring systems make it easier to steer a caravan precisely. AL-KO accessories prove particularly useful if you ever find yourself alone in a difficult parking situation. AL-KO manoeuvring systems are reliable helpers, especially in confined spaces or on gradients of up to 28 percent.

Manoeuvring the caravan on the camping pitch can be a mammoth task. Manoeuvring systems from AL-KO help you overcome such situations problem-free. The manoeuvring system will move the caravan to the desired place with millimetre precision – even on uneven ground or in a tight space. 

Manoeuvring aids for caravans differ in the way the roller pivots:

  • Semi-automatic manoeuvring systems such as our RANGER entry level model set the roller in motion by turning it.
  • Fully automatic manoeuvring systems such as the AL-KO MAMMUT model pivot the roller electronically. The manoeuvring system recognises precisely when the optimum roller pressure on the caravan tyres is reached.

Award-winning: the MAMMUT electric manoeuvring aid

The MAMMUT manoeuvring aid eliminates the need for instructions from an assistant. It has been one of the best manoeuvring systems for caravans for years and has already received many awards. 
The electric manoeuvring system impresses customers with its ease of use. The unique joystick control enables infinitely variable acceleration, steering and braking. Nothing jerks when manoeuvring – single-axle and tandem-axle trailers can be moved easily with millimetre precision.

A special release system ensures additional safety. To prevent unintentional movement of the caravan, the remote control must be held against a sensor on the drawbar.

Further highlights from AL-KO MAMMUT:

  • 360-degree rotation option 
  • Overcomes gradients of up to 28%
  • Overcomes obstacles up to 4 cm high

At entry-level: the RANGER caravan manoeuvring system

The powerful entry-level model RANGER for single-axle caravans up to 1.8 tonnes and tandem axles up to 2.5 tonnes moves the caravan to the exact millimetre effortlessly. Even tight spaces and steep ground can be mastered in this way without help. Even beginners can move the caravan easily with the manoeuvring aid using the ergonomic remote control. The soft start and soft stop functions enable precise and shock-free manoeuvring. The RANGER overcomes obstacles up to two centimetres in height and with a maximum gradeability of 18 per cent.

Additional support on the caravan: jockey wheels

It is not always possible to manoeuvre a caravan with a manoeuvring system alone. For example, if the ground is softened by rain, jockey wheels an be a great help. The right choice of jockey wheel depends on the surface: wheels that are too narrow could sink in soft terrain. However, remember that jockey wheels generally have a low dynamic load capacity!

AL-KO supports are available in different versions. They are available with a static load capacity of between 150 and 300 kg, so that the right jockey wheels can be found for nearly every model and every situation. The hand crank works smoothly and can also be removed in some models.

The perfect addition to jockey wheels: manoeuvring handles

Manoeuvring handles make it easier to move uncoupled trailers. They can also be attached to jockey wheels to prevent them from slipping during the journey if the locking bars are not attached correctly. To do this, the manoeuvring handle is attached to the outside tube of the jockey wheel. It is easily attached with four screws. Please note, however, that AL-KO supports can only be attached to outside tubes with a diameter of 48 millimetres!

Installation at AL-KO service centres

Skilled campers can fit manoeuvring aids to the caravan themselves, as this does not invalidate the general operating licence. However, operating instructions should be followed to ensure no expensive damage is caused.

The easiest option is to have the accessories installed at one of AL-KO’s service centres, where you can get detailed advice. The chassis is always key when choosing the manoeuvring aid for the caravan, because not every manoeuvring system is suitable for every chassis.

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