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Support systems for motorhomes

Firm stand on any surface

At first glance an unsuitable surface should not prevent you from stopping at an otherwise beautiful location. With AL-KO steady legs for your motorhome, soft ground, gravel or bumps are not a problem. Hydraulic and mechanical steady legs are available, depending on your requirements.

Hydraulic comfort support for motorhomes

The hydraulic HY4 support system enables safe stopping - not only on soft ground or gravel. It evens out bumps and slopes. Thanks to the convenient remote control the steady legs can be operated from the driver’s seat. In addition a theft and child safety control are also integrated into the remote control. Using the clearly-labelled buttons you can control support pairs individually and deploy the slope levelling manually or automatically. Levelling is accurate to the millimetre and completed within a minute. A built-in tilt sensor also tells you whether levelling is possible on the parking place. The system is also equipped with two freely programmable additional functions: an individual sleeping position and the tilt when draining the wastewater tank.

The hydraulic system offers particular advantages when installing. The hydraulic components are built directly onto the chassis. Each support is fitted with its own hydraulic pump. So hoses do not have to be laid across great distances on the vehicle. In contrast, no hydraulic components need to be installed on the inside of the vehicle. This simplifies installation and saves space inside. If you change your motorhome or leisure vehicle the system can be dismantled with little effort and installed in the new vehicle. The HY4 support systems is approved for motorhomes up to 6 tonnes. Once installed, the AL-KO hydraulic steady legs are exceedingly long-lasting and maintenance-free.

levelM – the levelling system for motorhomes

from E&P Hydraulics

E&P has been focusing on hydraulic systems with a great deal of success for many years. The standard E&P hydraulic levelling system set consists of four supports that can each lift a load of two tonnes. This carrying capacity is more than sufficient for many motorhomes. But even for heavier motorhomes, horse and race car transporters up to 28 tonnes permitted gross weight, E&P supplies support systems.

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ClickFix mechanical steady legs

You can also find mechanical aluminium steady legs in the AL-KO range. The ClickFix system can be set down on grass, asphalt and gravel. The AL-KO steady legs are raised and lowered with a handle using a crank. After only half a turn the support is in a stable supporting position. When turning up, the support locks into place and is ready to drive. If you forget to crank it up, the integrated free pivoting mechanism comes into play. This folds the exposed supports forwards or backwards when driving off. This reliably prevents damage to the steady legs or motorhome. The supports can be mounted on the AL-KO frame or on the frame extensions.

MOCA leg & AREX Light II plastic steady legs


The MOCA manual levelling support system offers great cost-effectiveness. The AREX Light II supports impress users with their particularly low weight of just 4 kg per pair.

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