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Lightweight chassis and accessories for motorhomes

For a better driving experience and more comfort

The unrivalled performance level of the AL-KO chassis with modern independent wheel suspension, based on the hot-dip galvanised low frame ensures increased storage and living space. With its completely reliable technology it allows various attachments for motorhomes. With our suspension systems, we play a decisive role for a relaxed travel experience. With AL-KO support solutions, you have a firm footing, whether on grass, asphalt, gravel or sand. Uneven ground is effortlessly levelled out.

AL-KO chassis

Suspension systems

When you are on the road in your motorhome, you want to glide smoothly and safely and not let bumpy roads or strong cross winds spoil your driving pleasure. The AL-KO spring systems that you can fit your motorhome with, relieve your vehicle and increase overall driving comfort. So you feel completely safe in your mobile home and even protect your camper.

Full air suspension

AL-KO air suspension systems are fully automatic. The spring power automatically adapts itself to the load and driving situation. Driving comfort is sustainably increased by the adjusted absorption and the vehicle’s cornering improved. Unpleasant vehicle rocking is reliably prevented.

Additional air springs

For motorhomes and commercial vehicles AL-KO’s additional air suspension increases driving comfort and stability and ensures more ground clearance. The springs also prevent the rear end from lowering as the vehicle ages. We offer the right solutions for AL-KO chassis.

Support systems

At first glance an unsuitable surface should not prevent you from stopping at an otherwise beautiful location. With AL-KO steady legs for your motorhome, soft ground, gravel or bumps are not a problem. Hydraulic and mechanical steady legs are available, depending on your requirements.

Carrier systems & towbars


The AL-KO subsidiary SAWIKO specialises in towbars, rear rack systems and accessories and offers suitable towbars for the majority of European motorhomes. SAWIKO has been a specialist in assembling towbars on motorhomes for the widest range of manufacturers for more than 25 years: Countless motorhome models have already integrated these ideal trailer solutions. Thanks to SAWIKO and AL-KO, you will always have your sporting and leisure equipment on board!

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