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More comfort and safety: Suspension systems for your motorhome

The right front axle suspension for your motorhome

Front axle strut – AL-KO Comfort Suspension (ACS)

As the owner of a vehicle with an AL-KO chassis, original chassis from Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer or Citroën Jumper X250 (after 2006) you have the option of upgrading your motorhome with the AL-KO Comfort Suspension (ACS) front axle strut. Thanks to its combination of high-performance absorption and bolt springs, this front axle suspension from AL-KO is precisely tailored to the weight of your motorhome and provides optimal absorption on uneven ground. This will give you unbeatable advantages: less steering wheel vibration, lower noise levels inside the vehicle, no clattering on uneven roadways, greater driving safety and greater roll stability of the vehicle where there are potholes or railway tracks. With this front axle suspension installed in your motorhome you are less likely to wobble, even in difficult road conditions. So you’ll improve your driving experience, gain more stability and make your trip even more relaxed

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