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Suspension systems for motorhomes

AL-KO suspension systems for more comfort when traveling

Improved driving response and more stability

Are you planning a motorhome trip lasting several hours, but your vehicle usually starts to shake and shudder after the first few miles? Roads are sometimes uneven and can put you and your motorhome to the test. The key to staying safe and comfortable on the road is suspension that goes beyond the standard equipment. 

For added comfort and safety.

Choose the AL-KO suspension system solution that meets your requirements and is ideal for your motorhome! 

Noticeable difference: suspension system advantages

Comfortable and safe on the road

An additional suspension system offers decisive advantages if it is optimally adapted to the motorhome’s special features. You can see and feel the difference:

  • Increased driving comfort: suspension systems absorb shocks caused by bumps in the road and minimise vibrations, making every journey much more pleasant.
  • More safety: the leisure vehicle’s improved handling ensures a carefree travel experience. 
  • Improved driving response and more stability: maximum tire contact area and optimum traction and steerability are ensured even in changing driving conditions.
  • Better longevity for your motorhome: in the long term, using a suspension system will save you considerable costs, as it prevents damage and wear.


The semi-active chassis that’s ‘proactive’

Compensation for uneven road surfaces, reduction of vibrations and driving noise, as well as invaluable support during emergency braking: The semi-active COMFORT DRIVE chassis provides support on all roads and in difficult situations. The system's integrated sensors constantly monitor the vehicle's behaviour and adapt the damping to the conditions.

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AL-KO ACS front axle strut

Shock absorber and spring in one unit

As an easy-to-retrofit and maintenance-free component, the AL-KO Comfort Suspension front axle strut is an effective solution for panel vans and motorhomes. The ACS combines the functions of shock absorber and spring in one unit – and improves the vehicle's stability and driving comfort, especially on longer journeys. The unique thing about the ACS suspension strut: its suspension and damping are precisely matched to the permissible axle load.

Discover ACS

AL-KO air suspension systems

Equipped with the latest technology

Maintenance-free, durable and reliable in challenging situations: air suspension solutions from AL-KO give your motorhome a significant boost in driving comfort and safety. Whether full or additional air suspension: AL-KO systems adapt optimally to different load conditions and road surfaces. 

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