Corner steadies

The mechanical corner steadies from AL-KO can be easily mounted and are very stable. Pressed sections, side bracings, strong, rolled trapezoidal threaded spindles and a thick hot-dip galvanisation make them virtually indestructible. The corner steadies can be simply installed by you in no time at all. The steadies can also be retrofitted on older chassis. They can be retrofitted to all AL-KO chassis from 1989 construction year. This may also be possible under certain circumstances with older models or other manufacturers — the specialist workshop can advise you on this. Information regarding compatibility or assistance during installation can be gained from AL-KO customer centres or AL-KO service centres. The supports are extended and aligned using a crank. With this in mind, different cranks are optionally available as well as the “Comfort Kit” for easier operation. The mechanical AL-KO supports are also suitable for attaching the Safety Compact anti-theft protection, which at the same time transforms the steady legs into an immobiliser. Find out more about our extensive range of options for anti-theft protection.

Your benefits:

  • Secure positioning and greater stability whatever the ground
  • Easy to install: quick and easy to fit
  • Stable pressed sections
  • Strong, rolled trapezoidal threaded spindles
  • High-quality corrosion protection thanks to hot-dip galvanisation
  • Prepared for original AL-KO anti-theft device
  • Optionally available with different cranks
  • Optionally with Comfort Kit for even more comfortable operation
Article number Load capacity when stationary Max. Weight vehicle Weight Type Info
1221694 1250 kg 2500 kg 4.95 kg Premium 1250 kg long
205520 1 kg Turning crank
205808 800 kg 1600 kg 3.4 kg Compact 800 kg short
205817 800 kg 1600 kg 3.6 kg Compact 800 kg long
267265 2000 kg 1000 kg 4.2 kg Stabilform 1000 kg short
294370 0.5 kg Mounting rail for mounting on other chassis
365100 0.05 kg Retaining lug for mounting on other chassis

Corner steadies

Can be retrofitted to all AL-KO chassis from 1989 production date