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AL-KO chassis solutions and accessories for commercial vehicles

Customised and efficient

We specialise in vehicle technology for motorhomes and caravans as well as commercial vehicles. AL-KO supplies chassis for trade and commerce that can be individually supplemented with configurations. AL-KO is the certified partner of Fiat Professional, Citroën, Peugeot and a premium partner of Volkswagen commercial vehicles. Base vehicles from VW that have an AL-KO chassis, have the premium partner clearance certificate from Volkswagen commercial vehicles.

The available base vehicles offer various advantages that the original chassis do not have. The chassis can be adapted to individual requirements in operation, for example with regard to frame length or wheelbase. The chassis are available with 2 or 3 axles. The lightweight chassis have a higher permitted gross weight than the original models, which also increases the load capacity. Wheelbases and overhangs are variable depending on the model, suspension is improved. Commercial vehicle chassis are available as low-built chassis in which the frame has been lowered by up to 220 mm compared to the original chassis. The low loading edge facilitates loading and access. The lower vehicle centre of gravity also has a positive effect on the driving response. In addition, the chassis are fitted with driving assistance systems such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC, or ESP) that increase safety and driving comfort.

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Types of chassis for commercial vehicles

In addition to base vehicles AL-KO provides individual chassis that can be customised to your requirements. The chassis are available as 2 or 3-axles as well as high or low frame-chassis. They have an increased load capacity and thanks to technical improvements such as wide track chassis, better absorption and ESC, they benefit from optimised driving response. Features can be adapted in many areas, such as frame length, wheelbase, track width and overhang. With AL-KO chassis for your commercial vehicles you can bank on the highest quality and best workmanship. The chassis are hot-dip galvanised so especially robust and corrosion resistant. The frame parts are bolted, which facilitates repairs. In turn this can reduce downtime.

AL-KO chassis as the basis for individual bodywork solutions

Commercial vehicle chassis can be extended with different bodywork solutions. Which of these are suitable depends entirely on the requirements of the respective company. Platform trucks for a trade business can be made a reality in the same way as car transporters, sales vehicles or capacious horse transporters. The 2 or 3-axle chassis can get a box body. Refrigerated boxes for transporting slightly perishable food and goods are a structural option. Structural bodywork partners are available throughout Germany for bodywork solutions.

Accessories and spare parts for commercial vehicles

Extend your AL-KO chassis with accessories and spare parts from AL-KO. For example suspension systems that ensure even more comfort and driving safety. You can choose from full air suspension such as the Air Premium X2 or Air Premium X4 as well as additional air suspension Air Plus. Spare wheel carriers that are mounted on the rear of the chassis are also available. There are towbars too. They fit perfectly to the AL-KO chassis and thus offer a particularly high level of safety. Vehicles can also be extended with the award-winning ClickFix steady legs from AL-KO. These enable safe parking of vehicles on uneven ground.

More payload, more transport volume

Lightweight technology from AL-KO to reduce vehicle fleet costs

Optimised fleet management is a question of hard cash. The perfect solution for minimising the fleet with the same transport volume is the lightweight chassis concept from AL-KO Vehicle Technology.

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