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Manoeuvre with AL-KO caravan accessories 

Move your caravan easily and precisely with a manoeuvring system.

Manoeuvring systems make it easier for drivers to steer a caravan precisely. This is particularly useful when you are travelling alone and there is no one to help in a difficult parking situation. Especially in tight spaces or on gradients of up to 28 per cent the following is evident: manoeuvring systems are very reliable. Manoeuvring aids for caravans differ in how the roller is swivelled. Semi-automatic versions such as our RANGER entry level model push the roller by turning it. In contrast, fully automatic manoeuvring systems such as the AL-KO MAMMUT model pivot the roller electrically. The manoeuvring system recognises precisely when optimum roller pressure on the caravan tyres is reached.

Something special: MAMMUT electrical manoeuvring aid

Manoeuvring a caravan onto the parking place at a campsite can be a Mammut task. With manoeuvring systems from AL-KO, you can overcome such situations problem-free. The manoeuvring system will move the caravan to the desired place down to the millimetre — even on uneven ground or where there is little room. Electronic aids for caravans make instruction from a helper superfluous. For many years AL-KO has belonged to the best manoeuvring systems for caravans with its MAMMUT manoeuvring aid. The manoeuvring system has won numerous awards and frequently impressed customers with its user-friendliness. Only the MAMMUT manoeuvring system for caravans from AL-KO gives joystick control to the driver. In contrast to operation with buttons it can be seamlessly accelerated, steered and braked. The manoeuvring system must be released so that the caravan does not move unintentionally. To do this simply hold the remote control up to the sensor on the caravan’s drawbar. The AL-KO manoeuvring system for caravans manages 360-degree turns, negotiates gradients of up to 28 per cent and obstacles of up to 4 cm in height. The seamless electronic controls also have the advantage that nothing jerks when manoeuvring. So single axle and tandem axle caravans can be moved easily and precisely.

At entry-level: RANGER caravan manoeuvring system

The powerful entry-level model RANGER for single-axle caravans up to 1.8 tonnes and tandem axles up to 2.5 tonnes moves the caravan to the exact millimetre effortlessly. Even tight spaces and steep ground can be mastered in this way without help. Even beginners can move the caravan easily with the manoeuvring aid using the ergonomic remote control. The soft start and soft stop functions enable precise and shock-free manoeuvring. The RANGER overcomes obstacles up to two centimetres in height and with a maximum gradeability of 18 per cent.

Additional support on the caravan: Jockey wheels

It is not possible to move the caravan with the manoeuvring system alone in all situations, for example on rain-soaked ground. In such situations jockey wheels are a great help provided that they meet certain conditions. If they are too slim they will still work on hard surfaces, but can be a hindrance on soft ground. These wheels create deep furrows, or in the worst case, sink. In this case only a great deal of physical strength or a helper can free the caravan again. AL-KO provides jockey wheels in a variety of versions. They are available with a static load capacity of between 150 and 300 kg, so that the right jockey wheels can be found for nearly all models. However, always be aware that the dynamic load capacity is lower. The hand crank works smoothly and can also be removed in some models.

The perfect addition to jockey wheels: Manoeuvring handle

Move uncoupled trailers with ease with manoeuvring handles. They are also used on jockey wheels so that they cannot slip when driving, if the locking bar has not been properly tightened. To do this, the manoeuvring handle is attached to the outside tube of the jockey wheel. It is easily attached with four screws. However, note that the jockey wheels can only be attached to an outside tube with a diameter of 48 mm.

Installation at AL-KO service centres

Campers proficient at DIY can mount manoeuvring systems on the caravan themselves. This does not invalidate the general operating licence. However, operating instructions should be followed, to ensure that there is no expensive damage. It is simpler to get it installed at one of AL-KO’s service centres. There you can get detailed advice. The chassis is always important when choosing a manoeuvring aid for your caravan. Because not all manoeuvring systems are suitable for all chassis.

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