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AL-KO ball couplings with the plus of safety

The coupling establishes the connection between the...



AL-KO ball couplings with the plus of safety

The coupling establishes the connection between the towing vehicle and the trailer. Logically, it must be safe to do so. You can rely on the quality and safety of AL-KO. Our anti-skid clutch systems AKS™ 1300, 3004 and 3504 offer even more safety.

Ball couplings AK 7 PLUS and AK 7 V PLUS 

  • meet all quality requirements for unbraked trailers up to 750 kg
  • with round or angular drawbar
  • Operation: 
    The opening is visible by a bright red marking.                                                                                                             
    Handle clicks into the horizontal position visible and audible
  • wear limit:                                                                                                                                                                 
    Clearly indicated by a red indicator on the lower part of the clutch handle when ready to drive.

Plus ball coupling AK 161 and AK 270 for braked trailers up to 2,700 kg

  • Prevention of sham locking                                                                                                                               
    Only when the towing ball coupling of the trailer rests correctly on the towing hitch of the car is the internal green safety lever actuated so that the coupling can be safely locked. 
  • Improvement of ergonomics                                                                                                                                             
    The handle consists of a solid metal core with an ergonomically shaped 2K plastic cover (soft touch). During operation, the hand is firmly attached to the handle, the shaped end of the handle serves as a slip guard.
  • Wear reduction   
    Provides information on the condition of the coupling of your trailer and the towing hitch of your car.
  • Soft dock as standard                                                                                                                                       
    Provides protection against scratching and shin protection.
  • Optional accessories Pressure lock                                                                                                                 
    Effective protection against quick access when coupled and uncoupled.

From September 2017 the AK 161/270 with mounted overrun device can be purchased.

Profi ball couplings for braked trailers AK 301 and AK 351

  • Wear indicator
    Provides information about the status of your trailer's and car`s coupling.
  • Safety indicator
    If the green cylinder is visible in hitched-up status, you can be sure that the coupling has been placed on your towing vehicle's towball correctly.
  • More safety - more protection
    Option "Safety-Ball" for stationary operation: simply insert Safety-Ball into the coupling when disconnected
    Option "Anti-theft device" for driving and stationary operation: Insert key into lock cylinder and secure
    Option "Soft-Dock": Ram protection protects your vehicle from damage                                                                                                                       

Cast ball coupling for braked trailers with additional function AKS™ 1300

  • Locking fixtures for AL-KO Safety
  • Wear indicator for front and rear friction linings and clutch wear
  • Safety display
  • 4 Friction linings
  • Integrated soft dock
  • Movements
    Swaying and pitching movements of the trailer are effectively suppressed.
  • Smooth running
    Relaxed and calm driving with the vehicle combination increases safety.
  • Speed
    The AKS™ permits a higher theoretical maximum speed (pay attention to permitted maximum speed). 
    In addition, the vehicle combination can be restored to stability faster in an emergency situation. The AKS™ 1300 complies with ISO 11555-1 (100 km/h registration possible).
  • How it works
    Operating the stabilisation handle presses two special friction linings against the car's towball from the left and right. The maximum braking torque of the linings can be 320 Nm. Swaying or pitching movements are thus effectively suppressed before they become serious.
  • Operation
    The coupling and stabilisation handles are separate from one another, and each can be operated with one hand. No complicated additional securing devices. The stabilisation handle is simply opened for easier manoeuvring of the trailer.
  • Your Plus
    • ECE approval - therefore no TÜV registraation required
    • Approved for 100 km/h control according to ISO 1 1555-1
  • Surface treatment
    • Housing: dacromet coated
    • Coupling handle: galvanized
    • Soft-Dock: Rubber compound
    • Stabilizing handle: aluminium and dacromet coated, additional plastic handle area

The AKS 1300 will be removed from the porgramme on 31.12.2018.

Full details can be found in the catalogues:

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Technical data

Perm. total weightImposed loadMaterialInherent weightOrder no.
AK 7 PLUS ball couplings750 kg75 kgsteel1.3 kg
AK 7 V PLUS ball couplings750 kg75 kgsteel1.3 kg or 3.0 kg
COMPACT ball couplings1600 kg120 kgsteel1.4 kg - 3.65 kg
Profi ball coupling3000 kg325 kgcast-iron2.85 - 3.6 kg
Ball coupling with anti-sway damping1360 kg100 kgsteel3.5 kg1 225 288
AKS 3004 safety coupling3000 kg150 kg4.2 kg & 5.4 kg1 225 158
AKS 3504 safety coupling3500 kg350 kg5.2 kg1 225 761
Screw coupling ISO Ø 502000 kg - 3500 kg120 kg & 200 kg1 kg - 2 kg
Towbar4400 kg - 8000 kg0 kg - 1500 kg4.1 kg - 8.2 kg