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From trailer drawbars to trailer accessories

Safety, driving comfort and high operating performance – AL-KO trailer components meet the highest standards of vehicle technology. Trailers can be upgraded with AL-KO accessory components for the widest range of applications. AL-KO offers superb chassis technology, drawbars, overrun devices, axles for braked and unbraked trailers and more! All AL-KO trailer parts are characterised by exceptional durability, perfect handling and the maximum ease of maintenance.

Premium chassis for your Tiny House on wheels


Trailers and towbars go hand in hand: AL-KO offers extra safe coupling heads, which make false latching impossible. Only when the coupling head is correctly positioned on the towing system of the towing vehicle, can the hitch be securely locked.

Anti-theft devices

Strong anti-theft protection for your trailer is also an important accessory to consider. The more expensive the trailer components are, the more important it is to protect your prized possessions against unauthorised access. AL-KO offers a wide selection of anti-theft devices – from the simple Safety Compact trailer lock through to the Safety Ball to protect your trailer when parked, which when combined with the trailer lock offers even better anti-theft protection for your trailer.

Jockey wheels

The AL-KO jockey wheel range covers very different requirements. The jockey wheels are designed for nose loads of up to 1,500 kg and are corrosion resistant. Optional functions include a manoeuvrable support shoe and integrated wheel load indicator.


Highly robust and extremely reliable – AL-KO cable winches have proven successful for more than three decades and have been continuously further developed. A console thread made of steel and a high-grade gear drive offer high load capacity and excellent handling.


The ATC safety system for commercial trailers functions ingenuously simply. Similar to the ESP system in cars, the AL-KO ATC permanently monitors the driving response of the trailer or caravan. In driving situations that would cause the trailer to skid, the lateral acceleration sensors of the ATC electronic controls register even the slightest lateral movements even before an ESP system for trailers installed in the car is able to sense the penduluming movement. The trailer is immediately braked slightly – without any input from the driver. A few seconds of braking effort are sufficient to bring the vehicle combination back into a safe towing condition.

Manoeuvring systems

With the MAMMUT CTRAIL, the clever manoeuvring system for trailers, you can effortlessly and precisely manoeuvre your trailer using just your thumb. Only the AL-KO MAMMUT offers a manoeuvring aid with joystick control. Contrary to button operation, you can use one hand to easily steer, accelerate and brake.


AL-KO weather protection increases the longevity of components. The protective covers consist of highly robust, dirt- and water-repellent acrylic fabric. In addition to weather protection covers for overrun devices, you will find fitted guards for coupling heads and stabiliser couplings as well as for winches.

Wheel chocks are a vital accessory for trailers. According to the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (STVZO), tandem axle trailers, which are not semi-trailers, rigid-axle trailers or centre-axle trailers, and have a permitted gross weight of more than 750 kg, require a wheel chock. Semi-trailers and trailers with three axles or more require two wheel chocks. AL-KO wheel chocks are available in two product lines – BASIC and PLUS.


AL-KO drawbars ensure a secure connection between the towbar and the trailer frame. AL-KO drawbars are available in a square tube version, which have a different diameter depending on weight and length. A trailer drawbar is provided with a coupling head or DIN drawbar eye depending on requirements. The trailer type determines whether a braked or unbraked design is better suited. Height-adjustable drawbars are used to compensate a difference in height between the towing vehicle and trailer, and their height can be variably set. Modern and robust technology combined with optimum ergonomics and functionality mean that you will be comfortable and safe behind the wheel.

Overrun devices

Overrun devices, also known as overrun brakes, can be found on any trailer. The parts establish the towbar connection to the towing vehicle via a coupling head, DIN drawbar eye and special eye and trigger the braking process of the trailer during overrun. In doing so, the pull bar is pushed in and at the same time the relay lever actuated; this means the wheel brake is clamped by means of the transmission device. Various versions are available based on trailer requirements. AL‑KO overrun devices comply with the latest ECE Directives. They should be combined with suitable AL-KO wheel brakes during assembly, as otherwise the brake system will fail to work. Trailers need the parts to improve braking values. The vehicle combination with a braked trailer remains precisely in the track on a bend, even during emergency braking. AL-KO brake system overrun devices record values that are far in excess of the legally required framework.

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