Coupling head AK 7

For unbraked trailers up to 750 kg

Safety is paramount to us when towing a trailer. Our AK 7 coupling head therefore meets the most stringent of quality requirements. The hitch can be used for unbraked trailers up to 750 kg with round or square drawbar.

Safe and simple – operation of the AK 7:

Opened hitch

The hand grip of the coupling head of your trailer points upwards at an angle, showing the user a luminous red mark: not yet locked.

Closed hitch

The towing hitch of the towing vehicle is completely enclosed by the ball socket of the AK 7. The hand grip visibly and audibly engages in the horizontal position, and indicates to the user that the towing vehicle is safely connected with the trailer.

Easy to maintain

If the red indicator on the bottom part of the hitch handle is visible when the hitch is fastened, the wear limit of the towbar in combination with the ball has not yet been reached. If the red indicator on the hitch handle is no longer visible when the trailer is hitched, immediate maintenance of the hitch at an AL-KO partner is required to continue driving safely.

Your benefits:

  • Integrated wear indicator in the hitch
  • Meets all quality requirements for unbraked trailers up to 750 kg
  • Compatible with round or square drawbars
  • Galvanised
  • Soft-Dock can be used to protect one’s shin and rear of the vehicle
Fatigue strength 7.19 kN
Material Steel
Product line Plus
Torque min. 75 Nm
Type AK 7
Weight 750 kg
Weight 1.3 kg

Coupling head AK 7

Optionally available with plug holders