AL-KO PROSAFE wheel clamp

Whether at the pitch, when travelling or in the car park at home: it is reassuring to know that the caravan is well secured. With the AL-KO PROSAFE security system, quick attempts at theft can be thwarted. Unlike the security locks from AL-KO, the wheel claw is attached directly to the wheel and prevents the theft of the caravan even more effectively by blocking it.

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Sophisticated security concept

No need to drill or use picking tools: Thieves have no chance against the solid multi-layer construction and the locking cylinder with anti-drill protection of the AL-KO PROSAFE anti-theft device. Not only the technology, but also the look of the wheel clamp is impressive: painted in a striking warning colour, the wheel clamp acts as a deterrent to thieves.

Suitable for all common wheel rim models

As a versatile anti-theft device, this unique product can be installed quickly and easily - on all standard steel and aluminium rims with diameters from 13 to 17 inches.

Simple handling  

You can fit the AL-KO PROSAFE yourself in just a few simple steps. Thanks to scratch and contact protection for the rim, it remains undamaged during installation. And if the anti-theft protection is not required, the wheel clamp can be stowed away in the robust storage case with practical functions.

Product features of the AL-KO PROSAFE

  • Secure against quick break-in attempts
  • Unique & solid multi-layer construction
  • Special lock with anti-drill protection
  • Conspicuous colouring to act as a deterrent
  • Scratch & contact protection for the wheel rims
  • Fits standard aluminium and steel wheel rims
  • Suitable for wheel sizes between 13 and 17 inches
  • Easy to mount in just a few steps

Product features Storage case


  • Solid and robust storage case
  • Optimally matched hard foam inlay
  • Practical integrated document compartment
  • Durable locking elements
  • Ergonomic & comfortable handle
  • Sustainable thanks to recycled plastic

Scope of delivery

  • AL-KO PROSAFE Receiver
  • Locking bar Ø 20 mm
  • Adjustment bolt
  • SW4 Allen key
  • SW8 Allen key
  • 1x wheel bolt M12 steel rim
  • 1x wheel bolt M12 aluminium rim
  • Bit insert
  • Handle plug
  • 2 keys
  • AL-KO PROSAFE information sign
  • Storage case
  • Assembly instructions


For initial fitting, a special wheel bolt is screwed into a screw hole in the rim and the distance is set using the adjustment bolt supplied. Then simply push the locking bar through the rim, fit the wheel claw and lock the cylinder lock - and your caravan is secure.

Weight 5.3 kg
Outer dimension width 150 mm
Outer dimension height 54 mm
Outer dimension length 284 mm

AL-KO PROSAFE wheel clamp


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Anti-theft devices for motorhomes and caravans

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