Towing winches BASIC

Strong helper for towing, pulling and lifting

For 35 years, AL-KO cable winches have proven to be effective helpers in the commercial and leisure sectors. Over 1.5 million units sold speaks for itself. The steel console-mounted winches with gear drive and plastic cover are robust and reliable. Smart details such as the load pressure brake, the automatic unwinder or the removable crank facilitate operation and protect the loads to be moved. The unusual design and high-quality corrosion protection guarantee convenient use, even in the long-term.

The selection of AL-KO cable winches for tensile loads between 250 kg and 1150 kg includes models for the widest range of applications, such as for transporting cars, boats and mobile floodlights, for inclined lifts or for agricultural and forestry operations. The manual cable winches can even be used on hand operated forklifts.

To ensure safety when using cable winches, you should familiarise yourself with the product description of your model down to the nearest detail. Please note that AL-KO cable winches must not be used for liftable suspended access equipment – such as passenger baskets and working platforms. When purchasing cable winches, ensure that you choose the right tensile load for your area of application. When using a cable winch with a load pressure brake, it must be ensured that the winch is not operated with less than the minimum load specified in the product overview: Since the brake pressure originates from the load itself, the braking effect only acts from the stated minimum load. In the case of lower loads, the absence of the braking effect poses a safety risk, as the winch may possibly not be able to hold the load.

AL-KO cable winches are subjected to thorough inspections by the test and certification body of German Social Accident Insurance. PLUS cable winches are awarded their DGUV test mark in this process (previously BG inspection). They comply with DIN EN 13157 for manually operated cranes and meet the requirements of the CE Directive and the Machinery Directive.

Towing winches from the Basic product line

The towing winch unbraked Basic has a locking catch, which engages to secure the load during lifting and pulling. Protection is not available during lowering. The maximum tensile load is between 250 kg and 500 kg. D

  • Automatic unwinder for rope or band (optional)
  • Removable crank (optional)
  • Range: 250 kg and 500 kg
  • Surface treatment: Galvanised and also yellow chrome, approx. 200 hour salt spray test
Type Tensile load Vertical lifting of loads Gradient 0% Stroke per crank revolution Minimum load Manual force Gear reduction Drum capacity with rope 4 mm Ø Drum capacity belt for towing
250 Basic 400 kg Lower rope length: 450 kg Middle rope length: 300 kg Top rope length: 200 kg 120 250 N /
500 A Basic 800 kg Lower rope length: 800 kg Middle rope length: 550 kg Top rope length: 300 kg 37-90 mm 200 N 4,25:1

Towing winches BASIC