Vehicle Technology

AL-KO chassis for commercial vehicles and transporters

The flexible solution for individual transporter requirements

Together with us you’ll find the perfect solution for your individual demands. There are AL-KO chassis in different versions: We offer 2 and 3 axles and 13-inch chassis. The dimensions of our chassis are variable: depending on the area of application you can choose the right wheelbase, overhang and frame length for your purposes. The higher permitted gross weight means AL-KO chassis have a higher payload capacity and thus a tailor-made solution for virtually all transport tasks.

AL-KO low frame chassis for commercial vehicles

The low frame of the AL-KO low-frame chassis offers numerous advantages for commercial vehicles and motorhomes: with the use of an AL-KO low-frame chassis the vehicle is lower compared to the original ladder frame, which not only enables lower access and more storage space, but also shifts the vehicle’s centre of gravity further down, thus increasing driving safety. And finally, the reduced height of the vehicle improves aerodynamics.

With an AL-KO chassis combined with base vehicles such as Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroën Jumper, or a Volkswagen Transporter a wide variety of structural bodywork can be implemented: For box bodies with a high load volume, but also for platform vehicles or car transporters, AL-KO chassis are an outstanding base.

The tandem torsion guide rear axles on our 13-inch chassis enable a flat, low loading surface — the bodywork itself does not have to have any wheel arches. The tyres with disc brakes and steel torsion bar suspension ensure the best driving stability and the greatest suspension comfort. ESP/ESC is included as standard with AL-KO chassis with 13-inch tyres and available as an option with 2 and 3-axle AL-KO chassis.

Compared to standard vehicles, the wide track chassis with independent wheel suspension developed by AL-KO features noticeably improved driving response and greater roll stability. Instead of straight axles with leaf springs and supplementary shock absorbers the AL-KO wide track chassis uses an AL-KO chassis with torsion bar suspension and high performance shock absorbers on the rear axle. No other chassis manufacturer in the German motorhome market offers comparable driving comfort.

AL-KO chassis meet our brand promise: Quality for Life. Our lightweight constructed, hot-dip galvanised AL-KO chassis feature an especially long service life. By using high-strength steel and the C-tread construction method, AL-KO chassis achieve maximum values in terms of stability and frame rigidity. Maintenance and repair of AL-KO chassis is completely uncomplicated thanks to a global network of around 1,000 service stations and the service-friendly design of our chassis.

AMC VARIO SPACE - the low-frame chassis for the latest generation of commercial vehicles

The AMC VARIO SPACE low-frame chassis improves driving safety and stability due to the low centre of gravity of the chassis, resulting in optimised road holding and minimising susceptibility to crosswinds. This makes the driving experience safer and more stable. Another plus point is the comfortable entry, as the lower entry height allows effortless entry and exit. The low frame height of the AMC VARIO SPACE chassis also provides a low loading height, making loading and unloading the vehicle efficient and pleasant. The improved aerodynamics of the AMC VARIO SPACE result from the reduced vehicle height, which can potentially lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

AL-KO lightweight chassis for base vehicles from Fiat, Peugeot, Citroën, Opel/Vauxhall

The base vehicles are fitted with the AL-KO lightweight chassis. These have a permitted gross weight of up to 4,500 kg for 2 axles or 5,000 kg for 3--axles — this enables vehicle load capacity of up to 3,000 kg. On top of that: Customised solutions can be found for almost all body types and transport requirements thanks to variable wheelbases and overhangs, together with the axles and frame track widths offered. At the same time, the axle load distribution remains optimal and driving stability is maintained. The innovative low-frame chassis results in the vehicle’s lower centre of gravity, which improves road-holding, cornering response and sensitivity to cross winds. AL-KO achieves increased roll stability compared to the standard chassis thanks to greater track width. So the driving dynamics are improved, safety is increased, as is driving comfort. For the Fiat Ducato we also provide the 3-axle AL-KO chassis with 13-inch torsion guide rear axles, which enables bodywork with low and flat loading surfaces without wheel arches on it.