Vehicle Technology

Our corporate culture

Our values


Along with our partners and our employs, we endeavour to create a constructive personal and professional community of values. We offer all of our customers production quality, solutions and services, which are specially tailored to their requirements. In doing so, we are competent, committed and approachable with a global presence.


Through our own international specialists and strategic partnerships, we strengthen our expertise in ideas offering solutions to customer needs in all areas.

Future proof

We have the people, the ideas, the products, the partners and the size – but above all our way of thinking and living quality equips us for the challenges of the future:

Committed to quality

Our products satisfy the most demanding requirements: they are subjected to intensive testing before being launched onto the market. In close coordination with the state-of-the-art testing department, our test engineers at the technology centre push components, assemblies or finished products to the limit every day. Hard practical tests regularly take place on various test runs.

Management style

Excellent products and services can only be produced with an excellent team on board. We work with people who recognise opportunities and seize them: day in, day out, our employees demonstrate their high commitment to quality through precision, dedication, creativity and professionalism. Qualified and satisfied employees are at the heart of our business success. We inspire our employees through systematic and specific personnel development measures and a culture of transparent and open dialogue. In doing so, we rate ourselves and our employees based on our success factors:

Success factors

We are resilient to change.

We can adjust to new and swift changes in our work and in teams and are open to getting involved in new and unfamiliar things.

We want to grow.

We are keen to acquire knowledge or develop ourselves in the organisation. We demonstrate initiative and individual responsibility to enhance personal growth.

We work in a performance-minded manner.

We possess the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfil the key tasks of our roles. We are able to and strive to quickly close any gaps. We complete the right work in good time. We approach our tasks with energy and a thirst for knowledge.

We enjoy communicating in a skillful manner.

We take a clear and precise stance and share relevant information with the right people in an open manner.

We move up the career ladder an agile manner in the organisation.

We accept and understand complex business requirements and/or competing priorities and handle them with confidence.

We foster a team spirit.

We always maintain a positive, open and objective attitude to others. We want to be regarded as person with whom others want to work. We prioritise the needs of the team over our own individual interests.

More from the corporate world

Company history

On 11.11.1931, master locksmith Alois Kober took over a small locksmith's shop in Kötz. That was when the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group began. It’s fair to say that quite a lot has happened since then.

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A company that wants to exist and flourish in the long term on the market is dependent on the trust and confidence of its surrounding area, customers and suppliers, employees, both on a local and global scale.

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One reason for AL-KO Vehicle Technology’s global success as a company over the past 90 years is the willingness of our employees to work with us, cooperate and change. Team spirit, flexibility and dynamism are strengths that we consistently transfer to our working environment.

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Management Board

Our management team is committed to the highest performance standards and wants to establish long-term relationships with companies and employees, who are devoted to achieving such first-class performance. The top management of our American parent company, DexKo Global, can be found here.

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