Hybrid Power Chassis

Emission-free, all-electric driving with scalable range

The Hybrid Power Chassis enables emission-free, all-electric driving for motorhomes and light commercial vehicles based on a Fiat Ducato power head. The variable AL-KO lightweight chassis permits modular use of the battery packs and drive components. At the same time, the AL-KO lightweight chassis provides maximum protection of the batteries.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity is designed for an all-electric range between 50 and 100 km, depending on customer requirements.

Hybrid mode for higher ranges

The vehicle's internal combustion engine can be used unreservedly for higher ranges such as overland driving. Simultaneous use of E-Drive and the internal combustion engine leads to a fuel saving of around 30%. The peak power of the electrified rear axle is 90 kW.

Plug-In hybrid

The high-performance on-board charger and the recuperation strategy ensure short charging times and sufficient power. Intermediate charging when loading or unloading the vehicle and during rest periods is possible at any time.

Charging capacity: 7 kW or optionally 22 kW (230 V/400 V)


Through recuperation and energy storage, the system can supply energy to interior lighting, refrigerators, heating and air conditioning systems or entertainment systems of motorhomes and serve as a self-sufficiency buffer. This function can be parametrised individually to suit different customer requirements, for example to supply a refrigerator body with energy.

Additional functions:

  • 4 x 4 traction (e.g. on slippery ground or on gradients)
  • Booster (better acceleration and fuel savings of up to approx. 30%)
  • Automatic detection of designated environmental zones via GPS, which automatically switches the system to electric mode.

Hybrid Power Chassis

It is not currently technically or economically feasible to retrofit older vehicles.