AL-KO RANGER manoeuvring system

The AL-KO RANGER manoeuvring system lets you control your caravan with millimetre precision and zero effort. You can manoeuvre the caravan to your desired location even in the tightest of spaces and on steep surfaces using the practical remote control. Equipped with the RANGER manoeuvring system, the caravan can be practically rotated 360 degrees around its own axis. 

This advanced manoeuvring aid is ideal both for single-axle caravans up to 1.8 tonnes as well as for tandem chassis up to 2.5 tonnes.

Expand your manoeuvring options with AL-KO accessories 

AL-KO offers a wide range of caravan accessories to optimise the manoeuvring process. If you prefer a fully automatic manoeuvring system, the MAMMUT electric manoeuvring aid could be the right model for you. In addition, we recommend the use of suitable jockey wheels and an appropriate manoeuvring handle.

The advantages of the AL-KO RANGER at a glance

  • Quality and design in the accustomed AL-KO class
  • Millimetre-precise accuracy for manoeuvring 
  • Maximum ground clearance 
  • Ergonomic remote control with lanyard
  • Fits almost any single-axle caravan up to 1.8 tonnes and tandem chassis up to 2.5 tonnes
  • Worldwide service network

Powerful manoeuvring system with the AL-KO RANGER 

The AL-KO RANGER overcomes obstacles up to two centimetres high and masters gradients of up to 18 per cent.

Maximum safety thanks to unparalleled AL-KO quality

  • Soft start and soft stop for precise and jolt-free manoeuvring
  • Perfect and proven AL-KO chassis integration
  • Protected mechanical system
  • LED display on the control box and remote control in case of overload and malfunction
  • 5-year warranty as per AL-KO warranty conditions
Article number Max. Climbing capacity Type Max. Weight vehicle Weight
1731051 18% at 1500 kg total weight Single axle S21 1800 kg 37 kg
1731211 18% a 1800 kg de peso total Tandem axle TS411 2500 kg 74 kg

AL-KO RANGER manoeuvring system

The AL-KO RANGER manoeuvring system is available for single and tandem axle caravans.


The RANGER remains stopped when you release the buttons on the remote control, when you turn off the remote control or when you take the key out of the circuit breaker.
No, the drives must be returned to the rest position after manoeuvring to prevent damage to the tyres. To secure the caravan against rolling away, please use available wheel chocks, and to prevent theft, use corresponding safeguards.
AL-KO recommends an AGM battery with at least 80 Ah (EA) or 100 Ah (TA) or an AGM battery based on spiral cell technology with at least 66 Ah. In both versions, care must be taken that a corresponding charger is used.
No, the RANGER manoeuvring aid cannot be installed directly due to the required manual control (rod) under the frame.
Additional adapters may be required in some circumstances, depending on the installation situation and available space. You can find out which ones you need in the manoeuvring aids brochure.
Yes, the RANGER can be mounted on almost any single-axle caravan weighing up to 1.8 tonnes and on tandem caravans weighing up to 2.5 tonnes. The installation space must be checked in accordance with the manoeuvring aid brochure.
We recommend cleaning the drive rollers and the housing using a water hose after use. However, do not aim a direct jet at the front or rear of the cooling slots! And avoid cleaning it with a high-pressure cleaner!
Plastic parts such as the remote control and control unit should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.
Yes, thanks to its simple design, the RANGER manoeuvring aid can also be installed by competent persons with appropriate workshop equipment – for example, with a 10 mm² crimping tool. Be sure to observe the necessary safety measures!
Yes, it's best to go for the tandem version with four drives.
If the caravan will not be moved for an extended period of time, the drive batteries must be fully charged in accordance with the battery manufacturer’s recommendations. They should continue to be charged at regular intervals using a suitable charger. The remote control batteries should be removed to prevent leakage.
No, the system is maintenance-free. However, we recommend checking the fastenings before each season or at least every two years as part of the caravan’s service at a specialist workshop.
Yes, a drive battery with a suitable charger is required for operation if this is not already installed in the caravan (e.g. as part of a self-sufficient package). We also recommend the use of a suitable jockey wheel when using manoeuvring systems.
The RANGER manoeuvring system has been specially developed for caravans. Further possible applications are already being examined in compliance with the legal framework as part of its further development.

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