Damping Technology

AL-KO Suspensión

AL-KO Record, a pioneer in the manufacture of shock absorbers in Spain, offers a wide range of shock absorbers and suspension elements, backed by its engineering versatility that provides innovative technical solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

This fact has lead AL-KO to carry out – in all its plants – major investments in research and testing facilities, as well as in expansions and refurbishments with the objective of implementing a flexible, efficient and profitable production, also in small series. All this serves to make AL-KO a competent party in developing effective solutions in the field of suspension.

AL-KO has a highly competitive product, a result of a lengthy design rationalization process, the continuous search worldwide for competitive suppliers and the permanent investment in streamlining manufacturing processes, and which today has a high degree of automation without losing flexibility so as to manufacture even small series.


Production plants

In Abadiano, in the Basque Country, Spain, this facility is the strategic centre of this business unit for the design and manufacturing of shock absorbers, with over 250 workers dedicated to research, engineering and production of customised suspension solutions. From there, the German and Chinese manufacturing plants are also coordinated.

AL-KO Abadiano (Spain), together with AL-KO Feng Hua (China) is also a distribution center. Logistical coordination between plants, coupled with sizeable stock levels allowing for excellent delivery services to customers anywhere in the world, serving a comprehensive distribution network that reaches over seventy countries, with Europe being the principal destination of their products






New developments

The commitment to customers challenges the design capacity of AL-KO and the rationality of its manufacturing processes.

To that end, AL-KO engineering remarks significant resources to ensure the basic features of its products: accuracy and durability.

The Abadiano Centre for Technical Proficiency is equipped with research and testing facilities which enable to reproduce in the laboratory the behaviour of the suspension under any circumstances.

The manufacturing processes include wide-ranging possibilities from very flexible semi-automatic processes up to a high degree of automation and robotization.

AL-KO applies its R&D+i know-how providing reliability to its products through continuous life tests that guarantee an accurate and long-lasting operation.

AL-KO has invested a big development capacity in its productions plants and it is able to develop one new part number per day.






Quality and Certifications

AL-KO is accredited by the leading manufacturers of pneumatic suspension for buses and trucks. Since 1996 it implements a quality system certified under the ISO 9000 standard.

The application of the results to product engineering obtained in the laboratory life tests and test tracks are reflected in the continuous product improvement.