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Accessories for motorhome vans from AL-KO

Perfectly prepared with vehicle technology and accessories for vans from AL-KO

The van as a motorhome is ideal for trips into the countryside or camping holidays. Because you can be flexible on the road and benefit from the maximum comfort of a real motorhome. Anyone travelling with a van as a camper should be well geared-up. The right carrier systems and towbars meet the most stringent safety requirements and ensure a unique driving experience.

More stability, more comfort on the pitch thanks to the support system

At first glance an unsuitable surface should not prevent you from stopping at an otherwise beautiful location with your van. With AL-KO steady legs, soft ground, gravel or bumps are not a problem. With the hydraulic HY4 steady legs for vans you have a safe firm footing, whether on grass, asphalt or gravel. Uneven ground is effortlessly levelled out. At the push of a button you can bring your van to the horizontal.

Mobility when travelling 

Carrier systems from SAWIKO for vans

Bicycles or scooters are ideal for being mobile while on holiday. Two wheelers are quickly ready for use and you can explore difficult-to-access terrain easily and flexibly. It is therefore advantageous to use your own bicycles during your camping holiday. That’s not a problem with functional rear carriers for vans. You can mount the carrier system quickly and transport your bicycles with the van safely and in a space-saving way. Depending on the model, take bicycles, electric bicycles or even a scooter with you with a rear carrier from SAWIKO — one of AL-KO’s subsidiaries.

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The ACS front axle strut – greater travelling comfort for vans and motorhomes

Anyone travelling in a van does not want to forego the driving comfort of a motorhome. Stability, safety and smooth operation play a key role in driving pleasure during the trip. So flexible suspension is important if you use your van as a motorhome. The suspension systems for vans from Fiat, Peugeot, Citroën or for an original AL-KO chassis ensure a comfortable driving experience. In AL-KO’s range you’ll find high-quality suspension systems for front and rear axles that you can retrofit flexibly into your van. Our proven suspension absorbs bumps in the road, potholes, ensures greater driving stability and smoothness and is robust and durable. The Air Plus additional air suspension also counteracts the van tilting if it is loaded unevenly.

Attach trailers to your van safely

With SAWIKO towbars

For additional luggage, bulky items like boats or even for transporting animals, attach a trailer to your van. In doing so you carry everything safely and conveniently, just what you need for your trip. Whether you have a van from Fiat, one from Peugeot or an original chassis from AL-KO – depending on the type of construction you’ll find the right towbar for your motorhome. You can mount the towbars from SAWIKO on diverse standard chassis and you are quickly ready to go.

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