AMC VARIO SPACE – the space-saving low-frame chassis

Creating space from nothing.

Gaining a few millimetres, being able to carry a few extra kilos: this is the supreme discipline of any camper. With the AMC VARIO SPACE low-frame chassis, you can set your sights even higher. Or rather, lower. Consistent lightweight construction technology as well as significantly improved load-bearing and frame profile structures achieve an even bigger frame drop of 90 mm as well as more optimised driving comfort compared to the reference values of the proven AL-KO chassis.

The AMC VARIO SPACE low-frame chassis offers many advantages: 

  • Driving safety and stability: A low centre of gravity provides improved road holding and minimises the vehicle's susceptibility to side winds. This increases driving safety and stability.
  • Comfortable access: The lower entry height makes it easy to get in and out.
  • Improved aerodynamics: The reduced vehicle height of the AMC VARIO SPACE results in better aerodynamics. This can lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Increased payload: The low-frame chassis uses lightweight technology, which not only reduces fuel consumption but also increases the payload.
  • Additional storage space: Thanks to the AMC VARIO SPACE chassis’ ingenious design, campers gain valuable storage space compared to the original chassis.

Commercial vehicles

AMC VARIO SPACE – the space-saving low-frame chassis