ACS for AL-KO chassis

The ACS front axle strut – greater travelling comfort for vans and motorhomes

You’re off on your well-deserved holiday, driving leisurely across the country in your motorhome. But despite all the anticipation and fantastic views, you never quite experience that much-hoped-for relaxation, because every bump seems to makes the vehicle jolt and the dishes clink in the cupboards.

Sound familiar? If so, you probably still have the manufacturer’s original springs installed in your van or motorhome. These are generally designed for functional, commercial use – proper travel comfort on long holiday tours is not really their aim.

That is why AL-KO has developed an easy-to-retrofit yet extremely effective solution for vans and motorhomes: the AL-KO Comfort Suspension front axle strut technology, or ACS for short. It significantly improves driving comfort and vehicle stability, especially on longer journeys. This not only leads to a much more pleasant motoring experience, but additionally ensures increased driving safety, a better cornering response and fewer rolling movements.

The ACS spring strut’s advantages at a glance

  • A special damper that is optimally calibrated to the vehicle’s weight absorbs the energy of any bumps or potholes etc., while the shock absorber dampens the spring’s movement to ensure a stable driving response.
  • The ACS is able to optimise the vehicle's standing height at the front axle and offers impressive suspension comfort.
  • Driving stability and safety are improved as any rolling or pitching movements are reduced, as is noise generation in the vehicle interior.
  • The robust and durable construction is completely maintenance-free and protects the vehicle, body and load.
  • The spring strut reduces vibrations on the steering wheel and improves the driving experience through excellent road holding. This enables relaxed, effortless travel.

What is so special about the ACS spring strut from AL-KO?

The AL-KO ACS spring strut consists of a unique combination of high-performance damper and coil spring, which is precisely calibrated to the vehicle’s actual weight. This allows the damper to absorb the vast majority of bumps in the road, resulting in significantly reduced vibrations on the steering wheel and a quieter interior.

How exactly does the ACS spring strut work?

The principle of the ACS spring strut is based on enhanced independent wheel suspension and wheel guidance, achieved through specially calibrated shock absorbers and springs. This function improves the motorhome’s driving characteristics and is specifically tailored to the vehicle’s actual size and weight.

The special feature of the ACS spring strut is that its suspension and damping are designed precisely for the respective permissible axle load. This increases driving comfort on the front axle, which often leaves a lot to be desired, especially in vans such as the Fiat Ducato and identical models from other brands. AL-KO can provide just the right solution for various vehicle types and weight classes.

Numerous internal as well as independent driving tests have proven that hard impacts are softened and that a vehicle with ACS provides more sensitive contact with the road surface than is the case with the original Fiat springs, for example. The motorhome also dips less at the front during sharp braking, as well as tilting to the side less when taking corners quickly.

For which vehicles is the ACS front axle strut suitable?

The ACS technology is specially designed for vehicles with AL-KO chassis as well as Fiat Ducato / Peugeot Boxer / Citroën Jumper type X250 (model year 2006 or later) original chassis or vans. It is suitable for both 2-axle and 3-axle vehicles and replaces the standard original front axle strut.

Can I retrofit an ACS spring strut?

In principle, the ACS front axle strut can be retrofitted to most of the models mentioned. To clarify your vehicle’s specific installation situation, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Article number Vehicle variant Year of manufacture variant.Recommended front axle load range
1710038 AL-KO Chassis – Light incl. original Fiat strut mount kit 2006 1600 - 1850 kg
1710039 AL-KO Chassis - Heavy incl. original Fiat strut mount kit 2006 1800 - 2100 kg
Fiat, Peugeot, Citroën original chassis - Light incl. original Fiat strut mount kit 2006 1480 - 1640 kg
Fiat, Peugeot, Citroën original chassis - Middle incl. original Fiat strut mount kit 2006 1600 - 1850 kg
Fiat, Peugeot, Citroën original chassis - Heavy incl. original Fiat strut mount kit 2006 1800 - 2100 kg
1710038 AL-KO Chassis - Light 2006 1600 - 1850 kg
1710039 AL-KO Chassis - Heavy 2006 1800 - 2100 kg
Fiat, Peugeot, Citroën Original chassis - Light 2006 1480 - 1650 kg
Fiat, Peugeot, Citroën Original chassis - Middle 2006 1600 - 1850 kg

ACS for AL-KO chassis



A spring strut is a type of chassis component used in many modern vehicles. It combines the functions of shock absorbers and springs in a single unit. Spring struts are designed to cushion any vertical vehicle movements caused by bumps in the road. They help to improve comfort for the driver and passengers and to enhance vehicle control. A spring strut generally consists of a coil spring and a shock absorber. The spring supports the weight of the vehicle, while the shock absorber’s main task is to prevent vibrations between the wheel and the vehicle. In addition, the spring strut – especially with independent wheel suspension – is responsible for guiding the wheels and keeping the vehicle on track, thus ensuring a stable driving response. Spring struts – like the ACS from AL-KO – are usually found on the front axle of vehicles. They are an important part of the chassis system and help to improve the vehicle’s driving characteristics and safety.