Air Premium X2

The rear axle air suspension system for commercial vehicles

Air Premium X2 is a rear axle air suspension system. The system is compatible with commercial vehicles based on AL-KO chassis. Driving comfort of the commercial vehicle is taken to the next level, thanks to the automatic level control of the rear axle and effective damping. The device is implemented as an electronic and fully automatic 2-corner air suspension system. Air to the bellows is supplied via a self-sufficient compressor system. If this results in pressure loss in the air bellows, emergency running characteristics ensure mobility. There is no maintenance work involved following installation. Manual lowering and raising of the vehicle possible up to a speed of 25 km/h. The vehicle level on the rear axle can be raised up to 50 mm and lowered down to -60 mm. The setting can be conveniently made from inside the vehicle using the remote control. The control unit can be used intuitively and offers a range of useful functions. These include a function button for levelling at driving level and two save modes. The air suspension is also compatible with commercial vehicles with ESP and it suitable for both 2-axle and 3-axle vehicles with AL-KO low frame chassis.

Your benefits:

  • Optimum suspension comfort with high driving stability
  • 2-corner full air suspension for AL-KO rear axle(s)
  • Adjustment track in the axle range of the rear axle(s): raising approx. +40 mm / lowering approx. -50 mm
  • More ground clearance and improved gradient angle
  • Automatic, load-independent level control on the AL-KO rear axle(s)
  • Increased driving comfort at the AL-KO rear axle(s)
  • Manual lowering or raising of the vehicle possible up to a speed of 25 km/h
  • For original equipment and retrofitting
  • 100% maintenance-free
  • Self-sufficient air supply thanks to built-in compressor
  • Built-in emergency running function
  • Also for vehicles with ESP
  • Fiat-/Bosch clearance certificate for ESP option

Commercial vehicles

Air Premium X2

Possible for 2 and 3 axle vehicles For original equipment prices please contact your body manufacturer directly. Retrofitting on request Setting the actual axle loads and suspension level of the vehicle during installation