AMC Chassis

The choice is yours: 2-axle and 3-axle variants

Low-frame chassis are particularly common in motorhomes. They usually have a double floor that provides additional space between the motorhome’s chassis and baseboard. This space can be used to accommodate heaters and tanks or as free storage space. AL-KO's particularly low low-frame chassis make it possible to use the maximum available storage space between the floors or to reduce the overall vehicle height.

Compared to original chassis, AL-KO chassis stand out for their axles. While original chassis usually have straight axles, AL-KO axles are equipped with independent wheel suspension and torsion bars as standard. This system requires little installation space and offers optimum driving dynamics.

A wide range of possibilities thanks to extensive accessories

The AL-KO chassis also offers further diverse possibilities after installation. The extensive range of accessories is specially adapted to AL-KO chassis and is particularly easy to fit to your vehicle with little mounting effort. Steady legs, spring systems, spare wheel carriers, towbars or light brackets are just some of the possible special equipment with which you can upgrade your AL-KO chassis at any time. Experience even more safety and comfort on every trip with your motorhome. 

Your benefits at a glance:

Low frame:

  • up to 220 mm lower that the original ladder frame 
  • more storage space in the underfloor area thanks to double floor concept
  • low entry height
  • improved aerodynamics thanks to lower overall vehicle height
  • greater driving safety thanks to lower centre of gravity

Connection point:

  • perfect connection between AL-KO chassis and cab

Lightweight and corrosion protection:

  • stability thanks to the use of high-strength steels
  • maximum frame rigidity thanks to C-profile construction method
  • stress-optimised design of all chassis components
  • unique rust prevention through hot-dip galvanised chassis

Torsion bar suspension:

  • optimum suspension especially with heavy weight
  • precise adjustment to each permissible axle load
  • improved driving response thanks to independent wheel suspension

Lowered rear:

  • ideal for use with rear garages connecting points for extensive range of accessories already available such as towbars, load carriers or steady legs

AMC Chassis