Safety Compact safety lock for corner steadies

Corner steadies prevent the legs from being cranked up

The more comprehensively your caravan is protected against theft, the lower the probability of professional thieves accessing your trailer. Several barriers may ensure that theft becomes too complicated and time-consuming. AL-KO offers various ways to protect your caravan. In addition to safety locks for the towbar, there is also an option to fit a lock on the corner steadies of the caravan. Thanks to an easy to use, 2-part mechanical immobiliser, this prevents the steady legs from being cranked up. This secures the caravan into position. Simply turn the legs out, insert safety lock and push in lock – ensures excellent additional anti-theft protection during longer periods when the caravan is not being moved, e.g. over the winter months.

A combination of security measures

A caravan is a mobile vehicle, there is therefore no fail-safe protection against it being stolen. Nevertheless, several protective measures can be taken at once to make it increasingly difficult for thieves to access your property. As the more time and effort is involved in stealing a caravan, the more likely the thieves are to abandon their plans. Take a glance at the high-quality components, which AL-KO offers as anti-theft protection for caravans.

Article number * 1222515
Type Safety Compact
Suitable for Plug-in support Premium 1250 kg, from year of construction 2006
Weight 0.8 kg
* Set of 2

Safety Compact safety lock for corner steadies