HY2 hydraulic levelling support system

HY2 – The practical entry-level model

Like the tried and tested, fully automatic HY4 levelling support system, the ‘little brother’ also impresses with perfect vehicle support, anti-theft protection and most importantly the tried and tested concept of the decentralised pump units on each steady leg. At the same time, the AL-KO HY2 has a significantly lower weight of just 34 kg and represents a cost-effective alternative to the system with four steady legs. AL-KO HY2 guarantees maximum operating safety: the two steady legs extend automatically and ensure absolute stability. If required, the support can also be optimised by manually operating the steady legs. A freely programmable memory space is available for individual adaptation. Retrofitting to HY4 is possible without any problems.

HY2 at a glance:

  • Automatic vehicle support on the rear or front axle
  • Operation via intuitive remote control
  • Freely programmable memory space
  • Retrofitting to HY4 possible
  • With clearance certificate from Mercedes-Benz


Ground clearance min. (in mm) 140 mm
Lifting height 360 mm
Oil volume per unit approx. l 0.7 l
Supply voltage via vehicle battery 12 V
Permissible temperature range -30 - 80 °C
Weight 34 kg
Max. perm. total weight vehicle 6000 kg

HY2 hydraulic levelling support system

TÜV entry in the vehicle registration certificate

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