AL-KO chassis for horse transporters

Thanks to the AL-KO chassis and matching body, transporting animals without great effort now does not pose a problem. The low loading ramp angle is designed in such a way that horses and other animals can easily find their place in the vehicle. The side entrance to the vehicle is also more relaxed for the horse.

• Variable dimensions (wheelbase, overhang, frame length)
• Low-frame chassis with low loading/unloading height
• High loading/unloading for comfort
• Optional with Air Premium X2 and X4 air suspension "
• Optimisation of suspension and driving comfort for people carriers and the transport of sensitive goods
• Low loading ramp angle

Additional advantages for horse transporters with a 13-inch chassis
• No wheel housings required for the body
• With ESP as standard

Commercial vehicles

AL-KO chassis for horse transporters