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AL-KO Vehicle Technology ensures fun driving, safety, and customer-focussed service at the Caravan Salon 2023

With new chassis, new safety features and new networking solutions, AL-KO VT wants to inspire every single customer at the Caravan Salon.

In addition, SAWIKO will present its proven wide range of carrier systems for vans and motorhomes, as well as towbars and frame extensions. E&P and AL-KO will showcase their proven LEVEL M and HY4 levelling support systems, respectively. The reliable manoeuvring, support and anti-snaking systems for caravans round off the range of products on display.

The proactive chassis: AL-KO COMFORT DRIVE

Under the motto “Comfort. Setting the benchmark,” the company presents a completely new driving experience with the semi-active AL-KO COMFORT DRIVE body. Motorhomes tend to pitch or wobble. Their high body raises the vehicle's centre of gravity and makes them more vulnerable. AL-KO COMFORT DRIVE elegantly counteracts these effects. This significantly increases safety and at the same time considerably improves driving comfort on uneven terrain as well as on long journeys. COMFORT DRIVE automatically adapts to each road surface, imperceptibly compensates for road irregularities, and reacts automatically when braking, accelerating, or cornering.

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AMC VARIO SPACE: The space miracle for motorhomes

With VARIO SPACE, the low-frame chassis for the latest generation of motorhomes, AL-KO VT offers a new space miracle in its range for Fiat, Peugeot, Citroën, and Mercedes-Benz chassis cabs. Depending on the motorhome’s design, CO2 emissions and thus fuel consumption can be reduced thanks to improved aerodynamics. Or customers can get more storage space thanks to a higher double floor. The lower centre of gravity provides more stability and thus more driving safety. A higher level of driving comfort thanks to lowered access is particularly pleasing for disabled and older drivers.

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With VARIO SPACE, the low-frame chassis for the latest generation of motorhomes, the AL-KO VT range now includes a new space miracle.

Wheel anti-theft device with AL-KO PROSAFE

It’s not possible to ensure your caravan or trailer is one hundred percent protected from thieves. However, vehicle owners can make any potential theft as difficult as possible. The key here is to make it too much effort for thieves to steal the vehicle, for example because getting past the security devices would draw too much attention or take too long. And this is exactly where Al-KO VT comes in with its new wheel claw prototype – AL-KO PROSAFE. It offers professional security through the intelligent use of highly resistant materials, insurance benefits thanks to recognised certification as well as built-in scratch and contact protection for the rims, all with user-friendly, simple installation in the shortest possible time, plus it provides a visual deterrent with its warning colours. The product will be available to buy as of the mid-2024.

You can find information about the currently available AL-KO safety devices here.

AL-KO Academy: Expanded range of training

In order to offer end customers even more service quality, the AL-KO Academy has once again significantly expanded its range of training courses for workshop managers, fitters, service staff, customer service staff and retailers. The spectrum ranges from basic training to professional workshops.

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Connectivity in the leisure vehicle

AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics (VTE), formed from the merger of the Italian CBE and Nordelettronica, presents further developments to its ONDA gateway. It will go into production shortly. ONDA will be able to send and receive information and commands via Bluetooth or Wi-fi. ONDA connects many on-board functions and devices – displaying the interior and exterior temperature, water level in tanks and battery charge level – as well as switching on the lights and water pump, geolocation, and vehicle levelling display. Further functions are planned, for example to control the refrigerator, cooker or air conditioning system. The system can connect to any device that uses the CI-BUS communication protocol to provide information or execute commands.

To meet growing energy demands in motorhomes, AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics (VTE) is launching a new series of three pure sine wave inverters. VTE also offers a complete range of photovoltaic module kits with everything needed for installation. The kits are available as original equipment and for retrofitting with an output of 105 to 175 watts per unit.

See here the AL-KO VTE press releases

Increased camper comfort with Aguti

Aguti, the leading supplier of motorhome and caravan seats and a subsidiary of the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group, is celebrating thirty years of growth and innovation and will be showcasing its seating innovations’ compatibility with an ever-expanding range of campervans at Caravan Salon. The comfortable S3 sleeper bench provides space for three passengers and can easily be converted into a bed. It is installed quickly and safely with Aguti's MAXRAIL system. The Slide-Out seat offers superior long-distance comfort and is available in different frame dimensions for a wide range of vehicles. You can try it out in one of the AL-KO meeting rooms. Read more about Aguti's history here.

AL-KO VT will be presenting its products and services from 25 August to 3 September 2023 in Hall 14 A03/01-02 and in the outdoor area FG 13-03 for the brands AL-KO, E&P and SAWIKO. The brands CBE and Nordelettronica can be found right next door in Hall 14/A06 under the umbrella of AL-KO Vehicle Technology Electronics.

Under the motto “Comfort. Setting the benchmark,” the company presents a completely new driving experi-ence with the semi-active AL-KO COMFORT DRIVE chassis.