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AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group raises the comfort level to unprecedented heights at CMT 2024

Driving comfort and ease of use are the focus of the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group's trade fair appearance at CMT 2024: The company is presenting its revolutionary LevelM Pro leveling system, the AL-KO COMFORT DRIVE proactive chassis and the AL-KO PROSAFE anti-theft device for the wheel. 

LevelM Pro – The revolution from E&P

AL-KO VT, together with its subsidiary E&P, is launching a central hydraulic solution that will raise the comfort level for vehicle owners to new heights in terms of weight and ease of use: With 16 percent less weight on a single sub-system, the LevelM Pro sets a new record in the motorhome sector. The hydraulic cylinders’ new material mix is what makes this possible. In addition, the new control system offers a wonderfully smooth vehicle alignment, while the hydraulic unit’s brushless actuators allow unprecedented precision. No jerking, no coasting: In the central hydraulic unit, two pumps compensate for even major differences in loading.

The control unit allows two additional alignment positions to be saved. That’s because completely horizontal is not always the perfect setting for maximum user comfort – for example, when you want to safely put down a freshly poured cup of coffee, comfortably adjust your bed or empty the hot water tank down to the last drop. For the controls themselves, the new LevelM Pro comes with a touch panel that can be installed at the owner’s chosen location in the interior. Software updates can be installed via the panel as required.

Vehicle manufacturers will find decisive advantages when installing the system. Where previously two people were needed to fix individual components in place, one specialist can now manage. This is thanks to the newly designed installation aids.

More info: Company Website | YouTube Explanatory Video

The proactive chassis: AL-KO COMFORT DRIVE

The company presents a completely new driving experience with the semi-active AL-KO COMFORT DRIVE chassis, true to its motto “Comfort. Setting the benchmark”. Motorhomes have a tendency to pitch or wobble. Their high body raises the vehicle's center of gravity and makes them more vulnerable. AL-KO COMFORT DRIVE elegantly counteracts these effects.

This significantly increases safety while considerably enhancing driving comfort on uneven terrain as well as on long journeys. This is because COMFORT DRIVE automatically adapts to the condition of the road, imperceptibly compensates for uneven road surfaces, and reacts automatically when braking, accelerating or cornering.

More info: Company Website | YouTube Product Clip | YouTube Explanatory Video

Anti-theft device on the wheel with AL-KO PROSAFE

There is no such thing as one hundred percent protection against caravan or trailer thieves. However, vehicle owners can make criminals' work as difficult as possible. The key here is to make it too much effort for thieves to steal the vehicle, for example because getting past the security devices would draw too much attention or take too long.

And this is exactly where AL-KO VT comes in with its new wheel claw – AL-KO PROSAFE. It offers professional safety through the intelligent use of highly resistant materials, insurance benefits thanks to recognized certification, built-in scratch and contact protection for the rims, all with a user-friendly, simple installation in the shortest possible time, plus it provides a visual deterrent with its warning colors. The product will be available for sale from mid-2024.

Sustainable exhibition appearance

The company also relies on sustainable ideas and sustainable products when it comes to its advertising presence. For example, it offsets the CO2 emissions generated at trade fairs in Germany by purchasing trees for the DexKo company forest. AL-KO VT has also significantly reduced the number of brochures it prints and now offers more information online for download. As a result, paper consumption was reduced from 20,000 tons in 2021 to 2,000 tons in 2023. Environmental friendliness is also a key factor when selecting advertising materials; for example, Al-KO VT has switched from plastic to sustainably grown cotton for its carrier bags.

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