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AL-KO  HY4 upgrade

Upgrade for AL-KO HY4

Hydraulic steady leg system now with weighing function and app integration – available from October 2019

An upgrade for the fully automatic levelling system AL-KO HY4 will be available in Europe from October 2019. The AL-KO HY4, featuring a weighing function and an app that can be used to control it, is available both as original equipment and as an aftermarket fit. This global innovation was presented for the first time at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2019.  

Innovative weighing system for AL-KO HY4

The weighing function for the AL-KO HY4 makes incorrect loading and dangerous overloading of motorhomes and vans a thing of the past and guarantees greater convenience, lower fuel consumption and, above all, safer driving before you even start. To ensure exact results and a comparison between the actual, vehicle-specific weight and the maximum weight, the system is first calibrated during installation. The measuring points are on the longitudinal and transverse axes. These provide the driver with information on the total weight as well as the respective axle loads – on both 2- and 3-axle vehicles. This makes complying with weight limits easy and ensures loads in the vehicle are optimally stowed. The weight can be displayed in either kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs). The entire weighing process lasts just 3 minutes. It starts with the system in the zero position, i.e. with legs retracted, which are lowered for weighing. These then travel back to the zero position – all fully automated, naturally. 

Control everything in one app – AL-KO 2LINK Connectivity

The AL-KO 2LINK Connectivity System is already making trailer chassis fit for the future by helping motorhomes and vans go digital. Until now, the AL-KO HY4 could only be controlled remotely, but, thanks to the AL-KO 2LINK Box with Bluetooth interface, it can now also be controlled from your smartphone using the 2LINK app. This is available for Android and iOS and is free to download. The user interface on the smartphone is similar to the standard remote control interface, so that the AL-KO HY4 remains intuitive and easy to control. In addition to the control function, the app also includes the abovementioned weighing function – a real global innovation.

The benefits of the AL-KO HY4 – easy assembly and modification with no loss of storage space, automatic vehicle levelling in just one minute, intuitive remote control – can of course continue to be enjoyed without the app, all in AL-KO’s superior quality. And it’s durable, maintenance-free and quiet, too.

The AL-KO HY4 levelling system can be installed by trained and certified AL-KO dealers – or at the AL-KO customer centres.


Further information on the HY4 motorhome levelling system from AL-KO Vehicle Technology is available online at

Further information on the 2LINK Connectivity System from AL-KO Vehicle Technology is available online at

Upgrade for AL-KO HY4