A firm base on any surface

The most scenic pitches are not chosen for their ground quality. The most scenic pitches sometimes have sloping or uneven ground. With the ClickFix steady legs you no longer have to pass these by. Its stable construction ensures secure positioning on grass, gravel or asphalt.

Thanks to their low weight, ClickFix steady legs made of aluminium barely add any additional weight to your vehicle, but impress users with their high stability and load capacity. In even strong cross winds, the supports guarantee a load capacity of 500 kg per support. This is a special feature, as generally only the static load capacity of steady legs is tested. The aforementioned static load capacity is even 1000 kg for ClickFix steady legs. It is extremely easy and convenient to operate the ClickFix steady legs. The steady legs can be simply turned in an upward manner using the crank (notice: not included in scope of supply). They automatically engage there, in such a way that accidental foldout, such as while driving, is reliably prevented. Since departures can often be rather hectic, ClickFix steady legs feature an integrated safety mechanism, which means you can set off while the supports are folded down. The free pivoting mechanism folds the exposed supports forwards or backwards when driving off. This prevents damage to both the motorhome and steady legs. The supports can be mounted on any AL-KO frame or on the frame extensions. Assistance during installation of the steady legs can be found in detailed installation and operating instructions or gained from AL-KO customer centres or AL-KO service centres.

Your benefits:

  • Robust - for firm and secure positioning
  • Convenient and fast - half a revolution is enough to reach the support position
  • Independent tensioning of the steady leg while winding up
  • Safety mechanism when setting off with legs folded down
  • Free pivoting mechanism
  • Main components made of aluminium
  • Problem-free mounting on AL-KO frames or frame extension
  • Dynamic load capacity 500 kg, static 1,000 kg

Scope of supply

  • Two steady legs, mounting material, assembly/installation instructions. Please order crank separately.

Selecting the best mechanical AL-KO steady leg for the job

  1. Determine the frame height "A" when loaded
  2. Using this data you can select the corresponding leg from the order overview
  3. The selected leg has a certain operating range "F" which must be free on your vehicle
Article number Dimension E Dimension F Dimension FB Dimension G Dimension H Dimension L Drive shaft length M Minimum required frame height A Maximum required frame height B Minimum height support C Maximum overall height support D Weight
1239362 140 mm 364 mm 302 mm 40 mm 41.5 mm 45 mm 200 mm 310 mm 424 mm 281 mm 445 mm 7.2 kg
1239363 142 mm 382 mm 320 mm 40 mm 41.5 mm 45 mm 200 mm 320 mm 440 mm 297 mm 464 mm 7.3 kg
1239364 150 mm 481 mm 419 mm 40 mm 41.5 mm 45 mm 200 mm 420 mm 624 mm 397 mm 654 mm 8.4 kg
1239365 155 mm 531 mm 469 mm 40 mm 41.5 mm 45 mm 200 mm 460 mm 710 mm 446 mm 744 mm 8.9 kg


When it comes to selecting and installing ClickFix steady legs, our skilled AL-KO professionals will be more than happy to help you in our customer centres and service centres.

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