Air Premium X4

Full air suspension for commercial vehicles

Air Premium X4 is the AL-KO full air suspension system for the front and rear axle. It enables maximum suspension comfort while driving and also considerably improves driving response and damping behaviour in contrast to hydraulic standard suspension. The level control while driving is performed fully automatically and irrespective of the load condition.

Thanks to the large adjustment range, you can revert to off-road mode with a particularly large ground clearance, which extends the areas of application of commercial vehicles in off-road use. Adjustment range of the front axle: can be raised up to 70 mm and lowered down to -60 mm; adjustment range of the rear axle: can be raised up to 40 mm and lowered down to -50 mm. The manual level control of the front and rear axle offers a completely new level of comfort in numerous application scenarios, such as draining the tank, parking as well as for loading and unloading the commercial vehicle. Differences in height can also be compensated for on the diagonal or the kneeling function can be run for emptying the tank. The manual height adjustment is performed inside the vehicle using an operating unit.


  • Fully automatic, load-independent level control on the front and AL-KO rear axle(s)
  • Maximum raising of the front axle, maximum lowering of the rear axle enables easy loading of the rear garage and/or load carrier
  • Maximum raising of the driving level at the rear and lowering at the front, e.g. for ramps
  • Raising of the front and rear axle, e.g. for rough terrain
  • Maximum lowering for easier loading and entry
  • Automatic levelling function for a balanced living area when parked
  • Kneeling function to assist complete tank emptying

Your benefits:

  • More ground clearance and improved gradient angle
  • 4-corner full air suspension for front and AL-KO rear axle(s)
  • Adjustment track in the axle range of the front axle: raising approx. +70 mm / lowering approx. -60 mm
  • Adjustment track in the axle range of the AL-KO rear axle(s): raising approx. +40 mm / lowering approx. -50 mm
  • Manual lowering or raising of the vehicle possible up to a speed of 25 km/h
  • Simple adjustment via remote control
  • Excellent suspension comfort on front and AL-KO rear axle(s)
  • 100% maintenance-free
  • Self-sufficient air supply thanks to built-in compressor
  • Built-in emergency running function
  • Also for vehicles with ESP
  • Fiat-/Bosch clearance certificate for ESP option

Commercial vehicles

Air Premium X4

Possible for 2 and 3 axle vehicles For original equipment and retrofitting For original equipment prices please contact your body manufacturer directly. Retrofitting on request Setting the actual axle loads and suspension level of the vehicle during installation