New Housing: AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group presents tried-and-tested Tiny House chassis for individual, luxury and series production

From 1 to 3 July 2022, the New Housing Tiny House Festival will take place on the open-air grounds of Messe Karlsruhe. AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group will be presenting its tried-and-tested AL-KO chassis, which has been specially developed for Tiny Houses, on Stand No. A08 in the outdoor area (east).

The same principle applies to building a mobile Tiny House as to any other home: a stable, durable, secure foundation is just as important as the house itself. The AL-KO chassis impresses in terms of reliability, quality and durability. The AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group is a member of the Tiny House Association and has decades of experience in the production of high-quality chassis components.

Intelligent manufacturing concepts have been developed for the Tiny House chassis and stand for high quality and durability. For example, the company uses a patented connection: the positive-locking connection points provide a stable connection to the chassis. Round-head screws are used on the contact surface for the smallest possible interference contour. A pre-tensioned frame provides high stability with less twisting and little to no warping.

 Essential for the mobile Tiny House: a stable foundation

One of the most important features of the AL-KO chassis is its high dimensional accuracy. This allows precise fitting and is a decisive selection criterion for many Tiny House manufacturers. The modular frame concept allows different body lengths and customised configurations. The hot-dip galvanised chassis components protect against corrosion. The axle module on the high-loader version is flexibly designed for subsequent adjustment of the nose load at the hitching point and can be moved in a 40 mm grid.

For optimal safety

Every AL-KO chassis undergoes a multi-stage testing process. The chassis are delivered in assembled condition including mudguards, automatic jockey wheel and tyres. Heavy-duty supports are used to stabilise the mobile Tiny House. Additional AL-KO support systems that work optimally with the chassis can be fitted if required. The chassis lighting is also already integrated in accordance with German road traffic licensing regulations.

“Our Tiny House chassis can be used with a wide range of configurations from popular manufacturers and, because of their flexibility, are also suitable for DIY builders as well as service providers building bespoke Tiny Houses. The chassis is optimally adapted to every Tiny House variant – be it individual, luxury or series production – there are no limits for manufacturers and Tiny House builders," explains Harald Hiller, President & CEO of the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group.

"The dimensional accuracy of the chassis was a crucial reason why we chose the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group. We can build our Tiny Houses directly on the AL-KO frame. This gives us the advantage of being able to work precisely and efficiently. AL-KO is a reliable partner whom we greatly appreciate. Its products meet our high standards of quality, which we want to offer our customers with every single Tiny House," says Stephan Wöhltjen, master carpenter and one of the managing directors of Tiny House by Wöhltjen. You can see the AL-KO chassis at Tiny House by Wöhltjen in use here.

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