Last-mile solutions: Bike cargo trailer components for professional applications

The AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group wants to make it easier for its customers to find solutions for last-mile logistics in future by offering bike cargo trailer components for professional applications.

“Our mobile society is intensely occupied with the subject of last-mile delivery. We want to offer our customers new solutions here with our components for bike cargo trailers. The modular AL-KO chassis concept, the usual stable driving response and the increased trailer payload help cargo bike manufacturers expand their offerings for last-mile delivery: with high quality for high payloads in professional applications down to the last metre. End users could be craftsmen or parcel delivery drivers, for example,” explains Harald Hiller, President & CEO of the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group. 

Built-in components enable a significantly higher payload

The AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group has many years of experience in the commercial trailer sector. The high-quality components from the higher weight range for trailers up to 3,500kg were used as the basis. “We have utilized our expertise from the commercial trailer sector to create an attractive range for the cargo bike market. Our tried-and-tested components allow a significantly higher payload of up to 240 kg while still providing reliability and durability. These are the crucial competitive advantages over currently available cargo trailers,” explains Hiller. 

“Just as with our vehicle components for commercial and leisure vehicles, customers can rely on high-quality components with a long service life”, says Product Manager Fabian Kneifl. Rubber suspension axles and independent wheel suspension ensure a high level of driving comfort, while the wheel brake and the loader concept ensure a safe, stable driving response. As common with the commercial and leisure vehicle components, customised adaptations for the cargo trailer are possible thanks to variable chassis and axle components. 

Urbanisation, emission reduction and digitalisation are all drivers that are shaping the transport industry. Inner-city goods logistics, from cargo bikes to commercial vehicles, are faced with complex logistics tasks triggered by factors as diverse as time pressure, staff shortages or gridlocked traffic. Optimized last-mile logis-tics gives wholesalers, retailers or craftsmen a competitive edge.