Tiny House by Wöhltjen: The individualist

Changing living concepts require new home ideas. Mobile mini houses are now on trend, as independence and freedom became increasingly important for many people during the pandemic.  

Life on wheels requires a stable foundation. The AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group chassis are the first choice for many mini-house manufacturers. They stand out for their modular frame concept that allows different body lengths and individual configurations. Hot-dip galvanised chassis components provide reliable corrosion protection. The chassis’ dimensional accuracy is so exact that the body can be prefabricated to fit precisely. A moveable axle module, a patented connection on the chassis, heavy-duty supports, integrated lighting, a pre-stressed steel frame as well as the EU certificate of conformity for mounted series chassis are further quality features that mini-house manufacturers appreciate. Decades of experience in the production of high-quality chassis components for trailers and intelligent manufacturing concepts provide the basis for high quality, durability and product solutions that are well designed down to the smallest detail for every type of Tiny House on wheels – whether from individual, luxury or series production.  

Stephan Wöhltjen and his team 

Stephan Wöhltjen and his team from Achim-Uphusen, Lower Saxony/Germany, recognised the potential of mini houses quite early and have been making Tiny Houses since 2015. Originally a carpentry workshop, the company built up a second income stream with the mini houses. This really turned out to be a stroke of good fortune. Because, as Wöhltjen reports, the idea for the Tiny House came about almost by chance. To present its own products as easily as possible and in a realistic setting, the carpentry workshop built its trade fair stand in the shape of a small house – which eventually set the ball rolling. Since then, Tiny Houses have become an integral part of Wöhltjen’s everyday work and business model. 

Company philosophy 

Tiny House by Wöhltjen places particular emphasis on the idea of individuality. The carpenter is dedicated above all to fulfilling each customer’s dream – however unique – of building their own ideal little house. Many customers want to make their mini-house a reality themselves and bring a wide variety of ideas with them. This is how a lot of creativity, commitment and talent come together to create individual, unique Tiny Houses at Wöhltjen.  

The substructure, or chassis, is of crucial importance, particularly when it comes to mobile mini houses. Here, Wöhltjen relies on proven quality and therefore on the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group, which has maintained a partnership with the carpentry workshop for several years. 

The partnership with AL-KO 

Thanks to their modular frame concept that allows different body lengths and a selected standard range of almost 20 frame chassis, the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group’s chassis are particularly well suited to customised production. The range’s variety, high quality and durability support the carpentry workshop to fulfil its customers’ requirements for their personal dream house. Wöhltjen is particularly enthusiastic about the high quality of the chassis. The frames offer high flexural strength and rigidity. Heavy-duty supports attached directly to the frame allow for alignment on site. The axles and drawbar can be adjusted depending on the axle load. The frame’s dimensional accuracy is so precise that the Tiny House can be built directly on it. 

“The dimensional accuracy of the chassis was a crucial reason why we chose the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group. We can build our Tiny Houses directly on the AL-KO frame. This gives us the advantage of being able to work precisely and efficiently. AL-KO is a reliable partner whom we greatly appreciate. Its products meet our high standards of quality, which we want to offer our customers with every single Tiny House,” says Stephan Wöhltjen, master carpenter and one of the managing directors of Tiny House by Wöhltjen. 

“We have a long-standing partnership with Tiny House at Wöhltjen. We are very pleased to contribute to the high quality of the Tiny Houses with the chassis from the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group. The products are well thought-out and have undergone numerous tests to make the mobile Tiny Houses functional, safe and stable,” says Pierre Auf dem Brinke, Business Sales Manager North at AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group. 


You can find out more about the partnership between Tiny House by Wöhltjen and the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group in this video