Vehicle Technology

Versatile solutions for the LCV vehicle body

AL-KO chassis as the basis for sales vehicles etc.

AL-KO chassis are a functional and versatile expandable base for many vehicle bodies. This is possible with platform vehicles, sales vehicles or horse transporters. This means that we can offer highly resilient and easy-to-implement solutions for vehicle bodies across all industries. AL-KO Vehicle Technology features great driving comfort and contributes significantly to safety.

AL-KO offers these advantages for vehicle bodies

Thanks to many years of experience and development work, AL-KO’s chassis technology enables high load capacity, gentle load transportation and flexible design to the layout of the load area. So vehicle body solutions are suitable for sectors as diverse as trade, the food sector and horse transportation. They benefit from high load capacity and higher permitted gross weight. You can adapt structural dimensions such as the wheelbase and frame length to your individual requirements and thus make the best possible use of load volume. The low-frame chassis permit a lower loading edge and so are more comfortable when loading and unloading. With an AL-KO base there is the option to design your vehicle body to your customised requirements using diverse accessories. Friendly serviceability remains permanent. Thanks to the low weight of the frame construction, fuel consumption is lower compared to many original chassis. AL-KO chassis for vehicle bodies are of a hot-dip galvanised construction, thereby offering reliable and durable corrosion protection.

  • Vehicle bodies for transporters, refrigerated boxes, platform and sales vehicles can be installed with little effort.
  • The hot-dip galvanised frame construction offers durable corrosion protection.
  • The chassis are the basis for long service life and so are service-friendly and can be retrofitted.
  • Loading areas with additional length can be installed (ideal for car transporters).
  • The low weight of the lightweight construction reduces fuel consumption.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Fiat Ducato and VW Transporter can be used as base vehicles for transporter vehicle bodies with AL-KO chassis. Significant developments in vehicle technology such as ESP continue to come into their own with AL-KO technology. Our engineers tune the ESP precisely to the respective chassis and submit it to a thorough inspection. 2 and 3-axle chassis are available as frame constructions with a permitted gross weight of 4.5 to 5 tonnes. In addition you can use AL-KO chassis with 13-inch technology and variable structural dimensions.

Below you will find some of the body solutions for different industries and purposes.