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Greater driving safety with caravan accessories from AL-KO

Stay safely on course with AL-KO caravan accessories

Caravan accessories from AL-KO meet the highest demands on safety. All components are designed and constructed to keep you safe on the road when driving your caravan, even with difficult road conditions.

  • The AL-KO anti-snaking system intervenes early in dangerous situations and prevents the trailer from swaying.
  • The AL-KO stabiliser coupling reduces your risk of uncontrolled swaying and bouncing.
  • AL-KO shock absorbers optimise ground contact and prevent the trailer from dangerous bouncing.
  • The AAA Premium Brake ensures a shortened braking distance through automatic brake adjustment.

Our components not only keep you safe and stable on the road, but also ensure a pleasant driving experience at the same time. With caravan accessories from AL-KO you can enjoy driving safety, stability and comfort all in one. Do more for your driving safety – discover our caravan accessories easily online!

AL-KO ATC: The safety system for caravans

It is sensible to retrofit a safety system to your caravan. There is a high risk of swerving due to a gust of wind when overtaking or during avoidance manoeuvres. In the worst case scenario, the caravan starts to snake and causes an accident. Thanks to sophisticated sensor technology the AL-KO Trailer Control (ATC) driving safety system recognises such a dangerous situation at an early stage and intervenes before it starts to snake. Gentle braking brings the vehicle combination back on track in a fraction of a second. Similar to an ESP on a car, potential swaying movements of the trailer are registered by a lateral acceleration sensor on the caravan axle. If a tolerance range in the system is exceeded, the wheel brakes are activated by tightening the Bowden cables.

AL-KO stabiliser coupling for caravans and trailers

Anyone who regularly travels with a trailer or caravan knows the problem: from one second to the next it can start to sway. This creates a dangerous situation in which the vehicle combination can quickly take on a life of its own and break loose. This is why AL-KO offers the stabiliser coupling AKS 3004, which stands out for its high reliability. A stabiliser coupling for caravans, also known as a “stabiliser”, is mounted on the caravan’s drawbar instead of the coupling head. This is then attached to the hitch of the towing vehicle. You can easily replace it yourself. You can feel a significant reduction in snaking movements once the stabiliser coupling is on the towing vehicle/caravan combination, and driving is smoother.

AL-KO shock absorber for safe driving with a trailer

Inadequate shock absorption of the caravan chassis can lead to the trailer bouncing dangerously, even with only little bumps in the road. The right AL-KO caravan accessories to prevent this are shock absorbers. They provide instant vibration dampening, improve driving and braking stability, and optimise ground contact. If you want to drive your caravan at 100 km/h, you must fit it out with shock absorbers. When purchasing shock absorbers for a caravan, make sure that they are compatible: i.e., the shock absorbers should not be designed for too large a weight range, because otherwise the necessary vibration damping cannot be achieved in either the lower or upper range. The potential result: a trailer that bounces and jolts. However there are AL-KO shock absorbers for special trailer weight classes to achieve the optimal absorption for greater driving safety and comfort.

Caravans with adjusted brakes – drive even more safely

Braking distance costs time. Better to invest in the AAA – AL-KO Automatic Adjustment for wheel brakes 2051 and 2361 (manufactured 1999 or later) – optionally retrofitted to any axle with a bolted brake back plate. Too long a braking distance can mean higher costs: A couple of centimetres too many and a rear-end collision happens. But your money is well spent if you convert to the AAA Premium Brake from AL-KO the next time you change your brake pads. The Automatic Adjustment System always steps in when the brakes have too much play. The wheel brake works as usual and is only extended by the adjustment function to reduce braking distance and increase driving safety.

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