Vehicle Technology


Why choose AL-KO Vehicle Technology?

We stand for quality. And we live for quality. That’s why our products form a decisive basis for more safety, more driving comfort, and more ergonomics at leading manufacturers of leisure vehicles, commercial vehicles, and commercial trailers. For decades, this has made us a valued partner of the vehicle industry across the globe. And even demanding end customers have long placed their trust in AL-KO, the international-award-winning market and innovation leader for high-tech chassis components for chassis and bodies.

Development and testing

Research and development have always played a crucial role at AL-KO. After all, this is the only way all our products can meet even the highest of standards. In close coordination and collaboration with the state-of-the-art testing department, our engineers at the AL-KO technology centre push individual components, assemblies or even finished products to the limit every day. Furthermore, tough practical tests are carried out on a regular basis on various test tracks. This ensures that all products first undergo intensive and comprehensive testing before being put onto the market. Moreover, we also offer our competence and high-end infrastructure for the performance of independent vehicle tests. Our state-of-the-art testing facilities are now used by numerous external clients for pendulum tests, wheel fit tests, operational stability tests, performance tests and also for entirely customised special tests.

Application engineering

At our technology centre, our design engineers develop components and complex assemblies up to production maturity, and implement your individual customer wishes. The scope of technical development includes application engineering. This includes construction and design of caravan chassis, product variant creation, installation space analysis, low-loaders + high-loaders, as well as attachment/body advice. The aftersales division provides technical advice on retrofitting the extensive range of accessories including suspension components as well as AL-KO product range homologation consultations. Additional services such as brake calculations, type approvals and the provision of technical support to sales, service and product management are managed by Aftersales.

Lightweight technology

The intelligent AL-KO lightweight technology remains unrivalled. And it is being continuously further developed. Day by day, our engineers are working meticulously in order to further optimise the concept, with the aim of reducing weight even further and being able to meet your individual needs in an even more flexible manner. This benefits everyone: We as manufacturers are constantly learning more. You as a vehicle and body manufacturer receive a platform that is optimally tailored to the particular requirements and our customers are delighted by a vehicle that meets even the highest of standards and can be optimally configured for any need through a perfectly topped-off range of accessories.

Driving safety

At AL-KO, safety refers first and foremost to driving safety. In this area, we place the highest standards in order to provide reliable support to our customers and partners in every situation. Modern chassis technology that is specially adapted to the vehicle in question ensures optimal driving stability. For us, safety furthermore means that our customers are always on the safe side in terms of operating and handling our products – whether for our system components or our range of accessories.