Vehicle technology

Scooter and bicycle racks on the van for greater mobility

It is often useful to have an alternative transport option when holidaying in your motorhome. Whether running errands or embarking on day trips, taking the motorhome everywhere is not always the most practical solution. In these situations a bicycle or a scooter can be invaluable. Sawiko offers scooter or bicycle carriers for use with camper vans and motorhomes to facilitate the simple transportation of two-wheeled vehicles.

Create storage space outside of the van

Larger motorhomes often have a rear garage to stow bikes and scooters. Smaller campervans, on the other hand, often lack this feature. Sawiko have developed rear carrier systems to address this need. The rear carrier systems are quickly and easily mounted on the back of your van. All of our carrier systems are designed to accommodate bicycles, e-bikes or scooters. Up to three bicycles or two e-bikes can be transported on one of our lighter bicycle racks and we offer options for more bikes or a scooter with some of the more heavy duty carrier systems. Depending on the vehicle chassis Sawiko scooter carriers can offer payloads of up to 120 or 150 kg.

More information on our carrier systems can be found here