Vehicle technology

Motorhome carrier systems and trailers for transporting bikes, scooters and motorbikes

When you travel in your motorhome it can often be useful to have travel with a bike or a scooter as well. Sawiko offer trailers and carrier systems to enable the easy transport of bicycles, scooters and motorcycles.

Rear garage or carrier?

If you wish to transport bikes or scooters, you have several options. Larger motorhomes often have their own rear garage, in which equipment as well as bicycles or scooters can be stowed. However, space is often at a premium in motorhomes, and you may prefer the flexibility of using the garage for other storage. SAWIKO therefore offers two ways to secure your bikes or scooters outside of the motorhome.

A separate trailer for the motorhome

Rear carrier systems for motorhomes are not designed for heavy loads. Compact trailers are often the better solution for motorcycles or quads. With modular systems available, the trailers can be adjusted to suit changing circumstances. You can easily switch between bicycles and motorcycles, or carry luggage and accessories. With various kits available from AL-KO most needs can be met. If your motorhome does not have a towbar, one can usually be retrofitted to enable towing of a trailer.

More information on our rear carrier systems for motorhomes can be found here