Vehicle technology

Process-oriented purchasing

Our principles

Process-oriented purchasing at AL-KO Vehicle Technology plays an important role in securing long-term leadership position and worldwide expansion of the company. Procurement of production materials, merchandises, capital goods, services and overhead cost requirements takes place through aptly established global procurement network. We place stringent demands on our suppliers and offer partnership-based lasting business relationships with ample growth prospects.

Targeted purchasing

The intention is clear: we are responsible for ensuring cost-effective, reliable and timely supply of high quality materials and services needed at various production facilities of AL-KO Vehicle Technology located across the globe. In order to select the appropriate suppliers and vendors, it is important to understand cost structures along the entire supply chain. Only with necessary and sufficient transparency it is possible to assess that suppliers are able to achieve the desired cost targets. A key prerequisite for this is the transparent provision of different cost drivers by the suppliers. This is not a question of doubting the suppliers’ profit. Instead, it is about identifying the cost drivers that impact entities within the entire value chain. Our aim is to jointly reduce the identified cost drivers in order to achieve the best possible cost level. We value this approach as the basis for establishing long-term partnerships and their ongoing development.