Special part carrier

Special part carrier

Thermoformed special part carrier made of plastic that can be fully customised in size and design. Even outside the Euro system.

Special part carriers are bespoke part carriers specially adapted in terms of external contour and internal geometry.


Thermoformed from plastic, stackable both on top and in each other, with and without cover. The material is matched to the respective intended purpose.

Our competences - your benefits:

  • Material thickness, quality and colour adapted to requirements
  • Ideal utilisation for automated and manual handling
  • Satisfies requirements of the handling system according to gripping area and position, etc.
  • Robust design with the lowest empty weight
  • Coding, labelling and indexing possible
  • With anti-twist protection for products and empty pallets
  • Relatively dust-proof when stacked; also available with additional cover
  • Antistatic and conductive design on request
  • 180° rotated stacking​